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My Favorite DaVichi’s Clips

My favorite song from DaVichi is “A Sad Love Song” (슬픈 사랑 의 노래) and I also love the video clip. The lyric of this song is very deep and touching, and I think the clip ahs successfully described the meaning of this song. As in other Da Vichi’s clips, Lee Hae Ri and Kang […]


Rain a.k.a Bi (비)

Frankly I just likes his lips, I think it sexy… His name became popular in many countries as actor and singer through his act on romantic comedy drama “Full House” (2004) alongside with Song Hye Kyo. He started his career as a dancer, now he’s trying to set up a fashion business. Rain have designed […]


After School’s Profile

At first I thought this girl band who made their first debute in 2009 was just the same as Girls Generation (because these girl bands have a lot of members). But after hearing some of their songs,  I think After School was quite different. Their songs are more beat and more rock …like “Bang!” and “Bastard” […]

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Girls Generation a.k.a So Nyeo Si Dae (소녀시대)

The first time I saw these girls, i thought they looked like dolls. At the beginning, my eyes “squinted” because at glance they look all the same. It was difficult for me to distinguish them and I think there were too many members. But now I can recognize each of them, they are: Taeyeon (leader), […]

Maybe You Should Check It Out: CNBlue’s Love and Love Light

In comparison with idol group fever, i think Korean music industry should thank this band for giving a new color to the public listening. Their music is quite unique. There’s a strong influence of Beatle’s rock n’roll, but they improvised by adding rap and make it more contemporary and bring a fresh atmosphere. A little […]

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[MV]”2 Different Tears” by Wonder Girl

After the successful 1950s concept through the clip “Nobody”, Wonder Girls took the same concept for their latest clip titled “2 Different Tears”, this time they have the full color 1970s setting. Just the same as in the “Nobody”, Park Jin Yeong, the producer as well as their manager, have appeared in the music video. […]

Brown Eyed Girls’ Profile and their Clip

Maybe they are one of a pioneer girl bands in Korea is this one, Brown Eyed Girls. Their debut was in 2006 and since then have made a lot of hits like, “L.O.V.E”, “How Come”, “Sign”, and “Abracadabra”. Among the increasing number of new girl bands in Korean music industry, Brown Eyed Girls still have […]

Girls Generation Going To Invade Japan Soon!!!

Girls Generation will be holding a concert this August in Japan. They do have a lot of fans in Japan. The group consists of Tae Yeon (the leader), Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyo Yeon, Soo Young, Seo Hyun, Jessica, and Sunny made their debut in 2007. Among their famous songs are “Oh!”, “Run Devil Run”, “Gee” […]


Amoled in Son Dam Bi’s Hand

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEWkDQI0jN4 One of the Korean mobile phone manufacturer entrust Son Dam Bi as the brand ambassador of their latest products. Son Dam Bi appeared in a video clip entitled “AMOLED” which is also the name of the latest mobile phone products. In the Clips “AMOLED”, Son Dam Bi is not alone, she is assisted by […]