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“Bonamana” (미인아) Super Junior’s New Hit

“Bonamana” (미인아, literary means “beauty”) is the 4th album of Super Junior and the name of the 1st track in the album. It is an “SJ FUNKY” (Super Junior Funky) song, one of the styles they’ve been developing since the song “Sorry, Sorry”. I heard the song have been making a great hit in Korea […]

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T-Ara’s Profile

The six girls look as cute as pussy cats in “Bo Peep Bo Peep” video clip. This girl band consists of, Eun Jeong, Hyo Min, Ji Yeon, Bo Ram, Q-ri (Kyu Ri), and So Yeon. They have successfully released an album titled ” Absolute First Album” in 2009 and” Breaking Heart ” in 2010. Their […]


Starting from the idea of producer SG Wannabe (boy band) who wanted to make a female version of SG Wannabe, they held auditions in 2005 then selected three women: Lee Bo Ram, Nam Gyu Ri, and Kim Yeon Ji. They soon formed a girl band called ”SeeYa ” which stands for ”See You Always” because […]

DaVichi’s Profile

Their debut began in 2008 and contributed to the project of original soundtrack drama “East of Eden” through their song titled “Water Bottle”. Released the mini-album on 2009 and again participated in drama  soundtrack, “Take Care Of Young Lady” with their song, “Hot Stuff”. DaVichi is slightly different from the other girlbands, they prioritize voice […]

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DaVichi – Time Please Stop (If I Could Stop Time)

Maybe this is a new promotion strategy for singers to appear in video clips of others’. Like Ham Eun Jeong, T-Ara’s leader, appeared on DaVichi singles latest music video entitled “Time, Please Stop” Davichi, a famous girlband as well as T-Ara, consists of two personnel, Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung. Davichi’s specialty is ballad […]

OST Cinderella’s Sister: 너 아니면 안돼 (It Has to Be You)

Yesung – 너 아니면 안돼 (It Has to Be You) 오늘도 내 기 억을 따라헤매다 O-neul-do nae gi-eok-eul dda-ra-he-mae-da 이 길 끝 에서 서성이는 나 I gil ggeut-e-seo seo-seong-i-neun na 다신 볼 수 도 없는 니 가 나를 붙 잡아 Da-shin bol su-do eobs-neun ni-ga na-reul but-jab-a 나는 또 이 길을 묻는다 Na-neun ddo i […]

Rain as “Biggest Badass”

[image source] Rain was up againts some Hollywood’s big names like Channing Tatum, Sam Worthington, and others, winning “Biggest Badass” at the 2010 MTV Movie Award.  He was nominated through his Hollywood movie’s breakthrough, “Ninja Assasin.” This year’s MMA was held in Los Angeles last June 6th. Some people doubt Rain’s obsession for going to […]

Rain’s Sad Ballad

[image source] Well, Rain is back! Recently he just released his 6th album titled “Back to Basic” and this song, titled “Love Song” is within the track lists in that album. I think this is a very sad song and the way he sings it just as simple as fit in. Actress Han Ye Seul […]


T-Ara Supporting 2010 World Cup

[image source] T-Ara girlband is expressing their support for the biggest football event, World Cup, even though it’s no longer held in South Korea. They have released the single, along with video clip, titled “We Are the one”, a special theme song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In the video clip, all T-Ara personnels […]