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DaVichi Sings “Because It’s You” for “Big”(빅) OST Part.1

The girls from DaVichi, Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung, show their powerful and angelic voices on rom-com drama “Big”(빅), DaVichi trusted to sing ballad song for the soundtrack part 1, with the title “Because It’s You”. The song sounds so mellow and romantic. This beautiful song is to represent the romantic scenes between […]


A Gentleman’s Dignity OST “High High” by Kim Tae Woo

“High High” by Kim Tae Woo is a cheerful song which I think is good to boost up your mood this morning. Listening this music in the drama at first I thought it was CN Blue’s Jung Hyun who sang it, but as I listen to the full song…I instantly noticed Kim Tae Woo’s voice. […]

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DaVichi, Once Again On Cho Young Soo’s Project

The latest was through the lovely song  “From Me To You” on 2010, now on 2012 DaVichi once again was chosen to be involved in Cho Young Soo’s album project “All Star”. For that album, on May 19th DaVichi released digital single title, “If It’s Like Tonight” (오늘같은 밤이면), as usual Lee Hae Ri and […]

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My Sorrow Playlist: Baek Ji Yeong’s “Like Being Hit By A Bullet”

Maybe just because of the weather or the moon that has been so close with the earth these days, my emotion gets upside down and my heart feeling unwell and sorrow. It’s been almost a week that in my head lingers  Baek Ji Yeong’s song “Like Being Hit By A Bullet” (총 맞은 것처럼). To […]

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“Only You” for The King 2 Hearts Soundtrack Part 4

Hyun Seong from rookie boyband “Boyfriend” takes part on “The King 2 Hearts” soundtrack. He sings the ballad song, title “Only You” (오직 너만을), this song is special for our cute couple’s theme, Lee Jae Shin and Eun Shi Kyung. “Only You” sounds mellow, and Hyun Seong’s gentle voice makes this song more romantic. After […]

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The King 2 Hearts Soundtrack Part-3

Lee Yoon Ji talks about her first love on her drama “The King 2 Hearts”, for that she sings “First Love” (처음 사랑) for soundtrack part-3. This song is so sweet, just a simple song, i love the lyrics, so touching. This is the same song which Jae Shin sang for Eun Shi Kyung on […]

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Love Rain OST

One thing I have to admit good from Love Rain is the songs. Well, as I always say it, I love the 70s where Seo In Gook often sang and also JKS with their guitars. The C’est la Vie song that opened this drama on episode 1 quite mesmerized me, so I also put the […]

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K.Will for “The King 2 Hearts” Soundtrack Part-2

For “The King 2 Hearts”, K.Will sings “Love Is Crying”`(사랑이 운다). Through the ballad song once again K.Will proves his strong and deep voice. This song is theme song for Lee Seung Gi’s character, Lee Jae Ha. K.Will always successfully gives the soul and deep emotion to his songs including this song..oh..this song is sad for […]

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Rooftop Prince Soundtrack Part-2

Since this drama is getting crazy, you need more up beat and energy for the soundtrack. Here Jay Park sings Happy Ending (해피엔딩) for Rooftop Prince’s soundtrack part-2. Happy Ending is a really happy song to listen to. There had been so many conflicts on episode 6, so on the next episode there will be […]