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Love Rain Episode 20 Quick Summary (Finale)

Yoon Hee shared her worries with In Ha facing her surgery. She said she wanted to remember the whole good memories this way. In Ha said in his life, all he wanted to do is just to live well by her side. Yoon Hee also wanted that, but they knew reality was bitter for them. Joon […]

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Love Rain Episode 19 Quick Summary

Ha Na and Yoon Hee came back to home. Ha Na worried too much, but Yoon Hee assured her that it’s okay. Ha Na ended up crying alone in a quite corner of the greenhouse. Joon called her and heard her crying voice. He got off his car and ran to find Ha Na. He […]

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Love Rain Episode 18 Quick Summary

While Joon got a clue about Yoon Hee’s condition, Hye Jeong finally found out Ha Na’s relationship with Joon. She of course opposed it. She said after what happened with Joon’s father and Ha Na’s mom, she would never let Ha Na and Joon be together. “Never, even until I die!” Joon met Ha Na […]

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Love Rain Episode 17 Quick Summary

“Do you really have nothing to say to me?”asked Joon. “I want to go together,” said Ha Na. Joon approached Ha Na and hugged him. He took her hand and they both left. His mother apparently didn’t recognize it was Joon and Ha Na on the bridge. The couple really escaped. Meanwhile In Ha and […]

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Love Rain Episode 16 Quick Summary

Ha Na drew back from the kiss and hurriedly left. She locked the door from the inside. Joon ran here and there looking for her. “Why are you running away?” asked Joon when he finally caught her. “I won’t see you anymore,” said Ha Na. “I still can’t forget you, still missing you. Seeing you […]

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Love Rain Episode 15 Quick Summary

Seo In Ha knew the girl his son loved was Jeong Ha Na because he saw when Ha Na back hugging him the other night. Joon asked his father that even though he knew about him and Ha Na, would he still marry Yoon Hee. In Ha defended his love. He said that Yoon Hee […]

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Love Rain Episode 14 Quick Summary

Both Joon and Ha Na were not in good mood, but Ha Na still tried to be nice. Yoon Hee tried to win Joon’s heart, Ha Na tried to act friendly to him, but Joon just couldn’t hold his expression. In Ha said since he and Yoon Hee would get married,”We’re going to be a […]

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Love Rain Episode 13 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 13 started exactly when it ended last episode. The parents got off the boss just across the street Joon approached Ha Na. Unfortunately it was only Seo in Ha who noticed Ha Na. He also sensed Joon but then he said, “Maybe I mistaken someone else.” Joon brought Ha Na to the […]

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Love Rain Episode 12 Quick Summary

Seon in Ha came down to Joon’s place. When the boys was going to tell In Ha that the girl he saw was Ha Na, Joon’s girl friend, Seon Ho tried to prevent them. Joon, out of nowhere said “Let’s break up.” They sat in the little restaurant to talk. Joon stayed quite. Seon Ho […]

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