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Love Rain OST

One thing I have to admit good from Love Rain is the songs. Well, as I always say it, I love the 70s where Seo In Gook often sang and also JKS with their guitars. The C’est la Vie song that opened this drama on episode 1 quite mesmerized me, so I also put the […]

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Love Rain Episode 4 Quick Summary

Love Rain Episode 4 started with the couple walking down the street that evening. In Ha said, “The truth is…I really miss you.” Yoon Hee said, “me too.” Then they walked holding hand, and kept holding hand until they sat on the bench in front of a building, something like a town hall. In Ha explained […]

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Love Rain Episode 3 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 3 started exactly episode 2 ended, the moment when In Ha’s friends asked him to tell them about the 3 seconds girl as the inspiration of his song. In Ha said he’d tell them. But he didn’t tell them the truth about his experience of being under the umbrella together with Yoon Hee. […]

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Love Rain Episode 2 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 2 started with the beautiful trio performance of In Ha, Chang Mo and Dong Wook on the stage. They really have the reason why girls are crazy for them: good looking, good playing guitar, and beautiful voices. It’s the campus festival! The 3 guys and the girls were having fun. While Chang […]

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Love Rain Episode 1 Quick Summary

Love Rain finally starts. The premise of this drama is actually a cliche, the sort of “my girl was the girl my best friend likes and I end up being the one who step back and give the way to my friend.” Seo In Ha is a romantic artist, an art student, who believes in […]