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DaVichi’s “From Me To You” ~nice song

I’ve been accidently hearing or seeing the MV of Davichi’s song “From Me to You.” At first I didn’t really pay any attention. But one moment I decided to sit and to listen to this song. Then I think…”Oh, it’s actually a nice song!” Frankly to say, I’m not a big fan of any idol […]

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“Love, Love, Love” From Ft.Island

Always fun to listen to the songs from Ft.Island, including their latest single, “Love, Love, Love” from their latest album “Beautiful Journey”. Personally I like Lee Hong Ki’s voice, simple and fun. The music in this song sounds funny and familiar, and also fun seeing the MV. When watching this MV, I imagined the personnels […]

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Cyrano Agency Soundtrack

I like Park Shin Hye’s voice. She sings nicely and I think in a quite simple way. After “You Are Beautiful”(2009), in Cyrano she also shows her ability to sing for the soundtrack. But this time she isn’t alone. She made a duet with Lee Min Jung, a fellow female cast in the movie. Lee […]

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My Favorite DaVichi’s Clips

My favorite song from DaVichi is “A Sad Love Song” (슬픈 사랑 의 노래) and I also love the video clip. The lyric of this song is very deep and touching, and I think the clip ahs successfully described the meaning of this song. As in other Da Vichi’s clips, Lee Hae Ri and Kang […]

Maybe You Should Check It Out: CNBlue’s Love and Love Light

In comparison with idol group fever, i think Korean music industry should thank this band for giving a new color to the public listening. Their music is quite unique. There’s a strong influence of Beatle’s rock n’roll, but they improvised by adding rap and make it more contemporary and bring a fresh atmosphere. A little […]

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[MV]”2 Different Tears” by Wonder Girl

After the successful 1950s concept through the clip “Nobody”, Wonder Girls took the same concept for their latest clip titled “2 Different Tears”, this time they have the full color 1970s setting. Just the same as in the “Nobody”, Park Jin Yeong, the producer as well as their manager, have appeared in the music video. […]

“Bonamana” (미인아) Super Junior’s New Hit

“Bonamana” (미인아, literary means “beauty”) is the 4th album of Super Junior and the name of the 1st track in the album. It is an “SJ FUNKY” (Super Junior Funky) song, one of the styles they’ve been developing since the song “Sorry, Sorry”. I heard the song have been making a great hit in Korea […]

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DaVichi – Time Please Stop (If I Could Stop Time)

Maybe this is a new promotion strategy for singers to appear in video clips of others’. Like Ham Eun Jeong, T-Ara’s leader, appeared on DaVichi singles latest music video entitled “Time, Please Stop” Davichi, a famous girlband as well as T-Ara, consists of two personnel, Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung. Davichi’s specialty is ballad […]

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