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CN Blue’s “Hey You”

Listening to CN Blue’s new single from the latest mini album Ear Fun, “Hey You”, I somehow feel a relieve. I’m happy that these guys are back to their CN Blue’s type of song. I can’t really accept their Japanese album because for me it’s a bit too hard and a bit going out of […]

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Song Hae Kyo Duet with John Park “Switch: Be White” for Laneige

Song Hae Kyo sings! Yeah, this was quite a news few weeks ago, but i’m just posting this MV now. She and John Park are both the ambassador of a cosmetic brand, Laneige. They’re singing duet and I think they make a good one. Song Hae Kyo has a soft voice. This is, after all, […]


2BiC “Made Yet Another Woman Cry” (또 한 여잘 울렸어)

2BiC is a new talented duet group with strong vocal points. They just released their new single “Made yet another Woman Cry”. Jin Hwan and Jung Hyung do have beautiful voices and this song is so sad. But they need a good marketing strategy to promote their group and their works, so they put 2 […]


M-Signal “Two of Us”, a Warm Song in a Cold Day

M-Signal’s new single, Two of Us (둘이서), has its own charm when I took time to really listen to this song. It’s about the struggle after a break up, but this song has a certain optimism about heart break. And the atmosphere that the song creates actually brings a warm feeling. It’s kind of a song […]

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T-ara’s Shuffle Dance and Tears on “Lovey Dovey” MVs

Once again T-ara make a buzz through their catchy song and dance, after showing the 70’s cute dance on “Roly Poly”, now these seven girls  teach us how to do shuffling. They do the popular shuffle dance on “Lovey Dovey” MVs (from Funky Town album). “Lovey Dovey” made on  a bunch of MVs, before they […]

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Ji Yeon For “Dream High 2” Cast

Soon, Ji Yeon will come back on acting. Her name has been confirmed on the cast list for the most anticipated sequel drama “Dream High 2”.  Actually, she’s following Eun Jung’s step, her band mate, Eun Jung played on Dream High. She knows she’s busy promoting T-ara’s new album in Korea and also overseas, but […]

Lee Seung Gi’s New Song “Because We’re Friends” (친구잖아)

I don’t know why I giggled the first time I listened to the song. I was wondering, “Is it some kind of Seung Gi’s true feeling? That he’s actually been one-sided love with his friend all this time that makes a high qualified boy like stay single?” I don’t know…this thought just made me giggled. […]


Sung Shi Kyung’s Single “I Like” (난 좋아)

The first time this MV was released and I saw it, I straightly loved it! I know it’s been a while since the first time it was released, but I just have the chance to put it here in the web just now. Well, it’s still hot on the music charts, so it’s okay I […]

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Review for Brown Eyed Girls’s New Album

I know, i’m too late to post this article, but i don’t care. I write this because i put my respect for these women. I can’t call them as a girlband because they have different level with other girl bands. I like Kara, Girl’s Generation, T-ara, and others but you can’t compare those girl bands […]

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