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Jang Hyeok after “Chuno”

After the break of “Chuno” production, Jang Hyeok will be back to appear in TV drama soon through “Secret Garden”, a romance drama. Unlike in “Chuno”, in this up coming drama Jang Hyeok will play as a modern man with all his perfection: the look, the brain, the wealth…Hmm, that won’t be difficult for him, […]

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Drama “Love Song” Leading Casts, Yoon Eun Hye and …?

Maybe this is the way Yoon Eun Hye is paying respect to the late Park Yong Ha. Yoon Eun Hye decided to continue being the lead actress in the drama “Love Song“. Many people expected this project would be canceled after Park Yong Ha’s death, but after going through the mourning period, at July 8th […]

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South Korea’s 20 Hottest Male Celebs

Jang Dong Gun has always been the Hottest actor in the century! When Jang Dong Gun’s charm will end? Certainly not in the near time. The proof is he was put at the first rank of a list of “Korea’s 20 hottest male celebs” according by CNN’s Asian CNNGO website (posted July 2 2010). On […]


“The Man From Nowhere” Press Confrence

I hate Won Bin’s outfit when he attended “The Man From Nowhere” press confrence, held yesterday (July 8 2010) at Seoul Apgujeong-dong CGV. However, I like that he’s back to this haircut. Won Bin didn’t smile alot during the confrence, maybe they wanted to start building Tae Shik’s expresionless image on him as early as […]

Kim Hyeon Joong for Korean “Naughty Kiss” leading role?

Naughty Kiss is definitely one of my old-dramas favorite. That’s why when I first heard the rumor that Korea will have the remake soon, I got excited. They’ve been casting for the leading roles. Park Bo Yong, Park shin Hye, Kara’s Han Seung Young, and f(x) Sully were nominated for the female leading role. And […]


Go So Yeong (고소영)

If only she weren’t Jang Dong Gun’s wife, I would not be aware of her … so sorry Frankly, I didn’t follow her dramas or movies, but I admit this woman is sexy. her acting quality was quite good and she had got a good number of awards, one of them through the movie “A […]

So Ji Sub (소지섭)

In 2010, So Ji Sub is currently busy completing the drama “Road No.1“, a war drama, with Kim Ha Neul as his partner. As this drama began airing, I hope his role will remain alive until the end of the story, this is not a joke hope because as usual in many of his dramas, […]

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Lee Byung Heon (이병헌)

For action drama or movie Lee Byung Heon is the right click. His new movie “I Saw The Devil” will be released on August, thriller movie lovers are highly anticipating this one for sure. Lee Byung Heon’s specialisation is in the thriller and action genres, like IRIS (2009), and GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra […]

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Ryu Jin (류진)

He looks very mature and dignified in the “Capital Scandal” (2007), even for me his charm beat Kang Ji Hwan (also the male actor in the drama) … The point is, I was really fascinated by him .. But now he’s trying to take a completely different role, in “Secret Agent Miss Oh ” (2010) […]