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Rain a.k.a Bi (비)

Frankly I just likes his lips, I think it sexy… His name became popular in many countries as actor and singer through his act on romantic comedy drama “Full House” (2004) alongside with Song Hye Kyo. He started his career as a dancer, now he’s trying to set up a fashion business. Rain have designed […]


After School’s Profile

At first I thought this girl band who made their first debute in 2009 was just the same as Girls Generation (because these girl bands have a lot of members). But after hearing some of their songs,  I think After School was quite different. Their songs are more beat and more rock …like “Bang!” and “Bastard” […]

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Girls Generation a.k.a So Nyeo Si Dae (소녀시대)

The first time I saw these girls, i thought they looked like dolls. At the beginning, my eyes “squinted” because at glance they look all the same. It was difficult for me to distinguish them and I think there were too many members. But now I can recognize each of them, they are: Taeyeon (leader), […]

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Lee Seung Gi’s Profile (이승기)

Before becoming a famous actor, he was a successful singer, “Because You Are My Girl”, a song that he released when he was 17 years old. The song was dedicated to men who love a 누나 “noona” (older woman). Being successful as a singer  he wanted to try acting.”Brilliant Legacy” (2009) brought him success. his […]


Effects from f(x)

I was confused when I saw the name of this new girl band, not knowing how to say it, I read “function” (as in mathematics)…but it was wrong. f (x) is read “EFFECTS” …what a brilliant idea. For the “F” they mean as a flower and “X” as symbol of female chromosomes (XX). (Ha, very […]

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[MV]”2 Different Tears” by Wonder Girl

After the successful 1950s concept through the clip “Nobody”, Wonder Girls took the same concept for their latest clip titled “2 Different Tears”, this time they have the full color 1970s setting. Just the same as in the “Nobody”, Park Jin Yeong, the producer as well as their manager, have appeared in the music video. […]

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Please Meet The Wonder Girls

First time I heard about them, I think their voices sounded quite unique, like they are influenced by blues or soul elements or sort of … and it’s interesting.Wonder Girls debuted in 2007 in the event “쇼! 음악 중심” (“Show! Music Core”) in MBC, singing “Irony”, a hip-hop single from their debut mini-album, “The Wonder […]

So, who is T.O.P?

So, who is T.O.P?

Frankly, i didn’t know much about this guy. I just know that he had a role in 2009 drama “IRIS” and he’s involved in movie production “Into the Fire“. I never really noticed him until I read an article about his profile. I think it’s quite funny that in Hangeul his name is written”탑” which […]


Starting from the idea of producer SG Wannabe (boy band) who wanted to make a female version of SG Wannabe, they held auditions in 2005 then selected three women: Lee Bo Ram, Nam Gyu Ri, and Kim Yeon Ji. They soon formed a girl band called ”SeeYa ” which stands for ”See You Always” because […]