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Choi Kang Hee In Boots for CeCi

Choi Kang Hee is ready to handle the rainy days on summer season. She posed with rain boots on CeCi magazine for June issue. As always i adore her unique and quirky fashion taste, once again she looked so cool and sometime so cute with those outfits and the rain boots. Actually for me the […]

Choi Kang Hee, Our Favorite Spunky Fashionista

Once again, Choi Kang Hee grabbed our attention with her latest fashion on “All About My Wife” (Im Soo Jung and Lee Sun Gyun) VIP Premier that was held on May 10th. Her fashion taste no longer in doubt, that night she was too cool to be criticized. Oh yeah..how could you criticize a woman […]


Choi Kang Hee at 2 P.M for High Cut

One of my favorite actresses, Choi Kang Hee looked so bold with her unique fashion for welcoming the spring time on “High Cut”. This Choi Kang Hee’s pictorial was published on March 15th, for High Cut vol.73. After photoshoot on interview she shared about her experience as DJ on “Choi Kang Hee’s Night Flight” (KBS). […]

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The Winners From 2011 SBS Drama Awards

I know that i’m late posting this article, but please forgive me, actually it’s still holiday for me. Like other giant broadcasters, MBC and KBS, SBS, in the same time with KBS, on December 31th also held the 2011 Drama  Awards. So, to be fair, I decided to make a report of that event, too. […]

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Review from The 32nd Blue Dragon Award

The 32nd Blue Dragon Award was held on November 25th at Hall of Peace, Kyunghee University, Seoul. 22 Movies compete that night to grab the best places, they were: “The Unjust”, “Bow The Ultimate Weapon”, “Crucible”, “The Front Line”, “Bleak Night” and more. So many actors came to that event. On the red carpet, Gong […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 18 Summary (Final)

What Ji Heon just did was causing another chaotic situation in the company. But he took Eun Seol for an escape. He tried to fix his relationship with her. Eun Seol said he should say it all wasn’t true about her as the informant and now still dating him. “I WAS dating you. It should […]

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Won Bin on 48th Daejong Film Award

On October 17 was held 48th Daejong Film Award (or also known as Grand Bell Awards) on Sejong Arts Center, Seoul. before announcing the winner, of course there’s a red carpet ceremony. Many actors came to that event, but i just want focus on my ajoessi, Won Bin, he looked so stunning that evening…but i […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 17 Summary

After hearing the horn Ji Heon ran back to Eun Seol. “You’re not okay, aren’t you?” asked Ji Heon opening the door. She’s trying to flee, but Ji Heon managed to persuade her to got off the truck to argue. Ji Heon said that he regretted it all, about their break up, that he couldn’t […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 16 Summary

The heartbreaking words by Ji Heon in the previous episode of Protect The Boss made me hesitate to continue watching this episode. But like I said before, I have to get through it to make it to the end, just like Eun Seol and Ji Heon. Two more episodes to the final…Oohh, keep fighting everyone! […]