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Rooftop Prince Released the Posters

SBS’s most anticipated drama, “Rooftop Prince” recently released the posters. Before start running on March 14th, the main characters appear on these quirky posters. On poster above, described literally, the prince, Lee Gak (Yoochun) life on the roof, still wearing the traditional hat but on the red modern tracksuit. The prince  tries to adapt on […]

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The Fashion Report from 2011 SBS Drama Award

The 2011 SBS drama Award was held on December 31st. Feels incomplete if I do not write a review about the red carpet event. Well, actually this is not my favorite red carpet, even though i like almost the  actors and actresses who came to that event like Lee Dong Wook, Choi Kang Hee, Lee […]

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Crucible Gains 2 Million Viewers on the 10th Day

On the 10th day after officially released on September 22, “Crucible” took first place on Korean box office. On October 2, Gong Yoo-Jung Yoo Mi’s movie recorded over 2 million viewers (2,141,960 people). back on 2005, this movie based on Gong Ji Yeong’s true story novel,  about sexual harassment happened to deaf students on a […]

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The Trailer and More Poster from “Crucible”

Based on Gong Ji Yeong’s true story novel,  “Crucible” becomes the most anticipated movie for this autumn. As planned, this movie will be released on September 22. On 2005, the terrible accident happened on a difable school. A number of deaf students become victims of child sexual abuse, and ironically the danger is in the […]

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More Stills and Poster from “Crucible”

The heartbreaking true story will be revealed  through “Crucible” starts on September 22nd. This movie tells about humanity issue, about difable sexual abuse  cases, based on true story that happened on 2005 about sexual abuse case to a deaf student. The leading man, Gong Yoo, admitted that filming of this movie was very hard and […]

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Gong Yoo-Jung Yoo Mi on “Crucible” Report Meeting

On August 22nd, at CGV Wangshipri, Seoul, the report meeting for Gong Yoo’s new movie “Crucible” was held. Beside Gong Yoo, his co-worker, Jung Yoo Mi, also attended that event. These two leading roles appeared with black outfit look serious for this serious movie. The movie that is based on true story novel tells about […]

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Gong Yoo’s New Movie “Crucible” Released this Fall

Oh i’m dying longing for this ajeossi to comeback on drama, but it’s okay since his new movie “Crucible” (도가니) is scheduled to be released this fall..yeay! Although it’s not in small screen, at least there’s Gong Yoo’s face on screen this year. “Crucible” tells about human rights of difable person, based on true story […]

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Gong Yoo On “Crucible”, Soon

Still with movie project (aaargh..please come back soon on small screen, Gong Yoo-ssi! ),  he will appear on “Crucible” (도가니), directed by Gong Ji Yung and Gong Yoo will act alongside with Jung Yoo Mi. Filming has wrapped up a few days ago. As I know, this movie is something new for Gong Yoo, because […]