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The Equator Man Episode 12 Summary

Lee Jang Il  is under attack, I think that’s the main theme of The Equator Man episode 12. Seon Woo is no longer playing nice, while Soo Mi had lost her patience. And it was actually Jang Il himself who pushed these two persons to attack him without any mercy. Soo Mi actually witnessed everything […]

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The Equator Man Episode 11 Summary

As a professional, Lee Jang Il must hide his shock and act along Seon Woo as if it’s their first time meeting. Jang Il flashback to the unfortunate day at the cliff while he was following Seon Woo in the corridor to the meeting room. The officer brief Seon Woo’s impressive profile and Seon Woo […]

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The Equator Man Episode 10 Summary

Kim Seon Woo is back on action in 10th episode of The Equator Man. He’s no longer Kim Seon Woo we knew before, the young guy with an unfortunate life. He had become this rich guy with full of confidence. But Seon Woo let us see what he had been through in the last 13 […]

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The Equator Man Episode 9 Summary

In Equator Man episode 9 we finally find a bright hope for Seon Woo. The fairy god father, Mr.Moon Tae Joo,came to take a responsibility of Seon Woo’s life. At first Seon Woo thought that he’s just one of the bad guys, one of Mr.Jin’s men, but Mr.Moon convinced Seon Woo by saying that it […]

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The Equator Man Episode 8 Summary

Seon Woo massaged Mr. Jin sensing that the man was Mr.Jin. He recognized the voice and told Mr.Jin that his voice sounded familiar. A little bit panic, Seon Woo asked one of the room service ajumma to greet Mr.Jin and then asked about his characteristic. Seon Woo even brought some pictures (actually he only needed […]

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The Equator Man Episode 7 Summary

Jang Il didn’t make any noise at all and didn’t let Seon Woo know his presence. However, I think Seon Woo kind of knew that Jang Il was already there. People sometimes mistaken blind people as stupid, which is so wrong. They just cannot see, doesn’t mean they cannot sense. Jang Il insisted Ji Won […]

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Lee Bo Yeong in MBC’s New Weekend Drama “Hooray For Love”

It’s been quite a long time since we last saw the pretty Lee Bo Yeong playing drama. She’s back with a new character on MBC’S new weekend drama “Hooray for Love” (애정만만세) that will start airing on mid July. She will play as Kang Jae Mi, a strong and  perfectionist 6-years-married woman. Her later divorce […]

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