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Best Couple Awards for Song Jung Ki and Moon Chae Won at 2012 KBS Drama Awards

Through drama Nice Guy our nice guy Song Jung Ki and his partner at the drama, Moon Chae Won, won Best Couple Awards at 2012 KBS Drama Awards. Actually, along with them, there are 3 more lovely couples who won this awards. Our on screen lovely husband and wife, Kim Nam Ju and Yoo Jun […]

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The Equator Man Episode 20 Summary (Finale)

We’re finally at the end episode of the heartbreaking drama The Equator Man. Ahh Sun Woo-Jang Il fate is decided here and somehow I had sensed it that the ending would be bitter between these two guys. After screaming out at Mr.Jin’s house, Jang Il went to Sun Woo’s office telling him about his father’s […]

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The Equator Man Episode 19 Summary

As this drama is reaching the finale, The Equator Man is getting bitter for everyone, especially for Sun Woo. He was still confused by the fact that Mr.Jin was his biological father. He asked Mr.Moon why Mr.Jin didn’t raise him and why his mother’s family experienced a bankruptcy. Mr.Moon told him that Jin thought Eun […]

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The Equator Man Episode 17 Summary

Sun Woo told Jang Il that he wouldn’t stop the game he’s playing. Jang Il confronted him, but it ended up to be Jang Il’s delusion having Sun Woo sitting there. He was just talking to himself. Meanwhile Jang Il’s father went to meet Mr.Jin. He refused to take a blame that he was the […]

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The Equator Man Episode 18 Summary

Kim Sun Woo reconstructed the cliff incident again after everyone left. He hit on the back Jang Il for real this time: hard and twice. Then he dragged Jang Il to the edge of the rooftop and almost threw him off. This scene was from last episode. Thankfully, Geum Jool, yoon Joo and Soo Mi […]

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The Equator Man Episode 16 Summary

Lee Jang Il is mentally wounded, for sure. But I didn’t realize how loony he could be until he made that solitude creepy self-pride smile when he was seeing himself smiling proudly in the newspaper and watched over and over again the tv report about him helping a woman. His father suspicious about Sun Woo […]

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The Equator Man Episode 15 Summary

Sun Woo came to confront Jang Il in his working place, saying that if it wasn’t Mr.Jin who killed his father, I would be his father. Jang Il pissed off, saying that Sun Woo had been over the line while they’ve been working their best on the case. Sun woo insisted his argument was true […]

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The Equator Man Episode 14 Summary

Ji Won refused to hear anything anymore from Seon Woo. This is a very normal reaction in my opinion. She just left without anymore words. And when Seon Woo was going to catch her, she already got into the taxi. Meanwhile Mr.Choi had a nightmare. He’s lying during the testimony and then Mr.Kim suddenly came […]

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The Equator Man Episode 13 Summary

Jang Il came home crying, saying that if he should marry Soo Mi. This man is really sick. His father embraced him asking if Seon Woo do something bad to him. Jang Il knew that now his real problem is not only Seon Woo, but also Soo Mi. The next day at the office, Jang […]

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