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Lee Min Ho’s Smile After Disenggaging Yoon Seong Character

Lee Min Ho has gained so much attention through drama “City Hunter” because his character here as Lee Yoon Seong was so much different from his character in 2009 drama “Boys After Flower”, Goo Joon Pyeo. Personally, I never considered Lee Min Ho as a Korean Heartthrob or a even a good looking Korean man […]


Lee Min Ho Smiling from City Hunter Location

Frankly, I write this article just because I want to post his simple and sweet photo. In this picture, Lee Min Ho’s smile seems to comfort me. Frankly, these days my heart feels uneasy…fuuuh…, but when I look at his smile I started to smile too. Nice smile on nice photo. This photo was uploaded […]

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City Hunter Episode 1 Summary

I know i’m waaaay too late to make the summary for this drama. But better be late than never, right? This drama is too sexy to be left behind, but I hate how everything was started in bitter preface. October 1983, a baby boy was born to a mother who labored without the husband. In […]


Lee Min Ho And All His Charm As Yoon Seong

After Secret Garden with its Hyun Bin, I think City Hunter with its Lee Min Ho is the talk around the town nowadays. His character as Yoon Seong has bewitched every woman’s heart. From the childishly-bed-tempered Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Over Flower, and then the cool architect in Personal Taste…Lee Min Ho has now […]

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Lee Min Ho Thanks to Seatbelt and Airbag

Finally, on June 15th Lee Min Ho update his condition after car accident while filming “City Hunter” on June 13 at Ilsan. Through his account on me2day, he was very thankful that he was safe from that terrible accident. It’s all thanks to the seatbelt and airbag, he didn’t had serious injuries. He also feel […]


“City Hunter” Filming Proceed Today

After the car accident yesterday, on June 13, Lee Min Ho was rushed to the hospital and was confirmed to have no any serious injury. He was sent home later on and currently having a day rest. However, the “City Hunter” official had confirmed that today’s (June 14th) filming will be proceed. The show must […]


Lee Min Ho: Car Accident While Filming City Hunter

I was quite shocked the first time I read this news and looking at the damage of the car, but then i feel relieved after I knew Lee Min Ho didn’t have any serious injury. On June 13, during the City Hunter shooting at lake near Ilsan, the car which Lee Min Ho was driving […]

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Stills from “City Hunter” Set

On June 6th, the City Hunter was filming for their 5-6th episode to be aired on June 8th. There’s a scene where Yoon Seong (Lee Min Ho) was putting a small bandage on Kim Na Na’s wounded face (Park Min Yeong). Look at how tense their faces were…I think inside their heart were beating fast […]


Lee Min Ho Show His Abs on “City Hunter”

Lee Min Ho..Whoooaaah..I’m speechless. But frankly, I wonder why lately dramas always have the male role to be ‘topless’? Why are there always scenes when the sexy actor taking shower???? I remember writing those articles xixixi Okay it’s no problem for me, as long the actors are as hot as them (Lee Min Ho-City Hunter, […]