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Lee Min Ho’s Wardrobe for “City Hunter”

Not only story that is very impotant for a drama production, but also the main character performace: the actors, the acting quality, character expression, and of course the style. The main character has to be good looking, it’s a must, and has a good taste on fashion. He doesn’t have to be a fashionista, but […]

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Goo Ha Ra’s One Love Sided Affair on “City Hunter”

The aggressive daddy’s daughter, Da Hye (played by Goo Ha Ra), has a crush on our hero on “City Hunter”, Lee Min Ho, at the first sight. (Well, who doesn’t?   ) In this drama, Goo Ha Ra will fall for Lee Min Ho’s character, the private detective who is also her tutor. Da Hye […]


Lee Min Ho With The Guns

Wooohooo….our pretty boy become a bad boy…I love it! Actually during his stay in Thailand, besides riding an elephant Lee Min Ho also had a shooting practice. In photos released on May 11, Lee Min Ho looked quite good holding a gun. Ooh…he looks so hot, I think I’m gonna die even he hit me […]

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Another Leading Man on “City Hunter”

Beside Lee Min Ho, “City Hunter” has also another male role, Lee Jun Hyuk. He took a rest after “City Hall” and come back with “City Hunter”, maybe he feels comfortable with ‘City’ . Actually he appeared on “Secret Garden” as Oska’s enemy, but only a brief appearance. Now, even just as a second guy, […]


Lee Min Ho Get Muddy (but Sexier) on “City Hunter”

Not long ago I have written an article about Lee Min Ho who took  physical training since a few months ago to act as a private detective on “City Hunter”.  Now after seeing these pictures when he did some martial art movements on muddy field, I think his training really success. Please look at his […]

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The Potential Kissing Scene from “City Hunter”

Need one hour and a half for Lee Min Ho-Park Min Yeong to create kissing scenes. According to the director, this kissing scene is very important for the relationship between the private detective and secret agent later. Perhaps because of the burden, both of them were difficult to improve this scene in a short time. […]

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Park Min Yeong: a More Serious Character on “City Hunter”

As I said before that Park Min Yeong’s role on “City Hunter” not as a student and finally I just know that her role is as an NSA (national secret agent) agent or sort of. Whe is the agent who protect the President. Park Min Yeong will act as new femme fatale since in this […]


Lee Min Ho : Hero from “City Hunter”

After finishing shooting in Thailand, “City Hunter” presents a leading man, Lee Min Ho, with a charming-private-detective look. Lee Min Ho looked very cool and dashing wearing that clothes but I’m a little bored with his haircut. But, at least now I don’t doubt him anymore. I think he deserves to play as a legendary […]

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Lee Min Ho in Thailand for “City Hunter”

After Park Min Yeong released her photox while she were filming “City Hunter”, now  it’s our leading man turn, Lee Min Ho. “City Hunter” had started their cross-border shooting, Lee Min Ho was in Thailand for the their first shooting. And these are his photos from filming location. It seemed that he really enjoyed Thailand’s […]