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The Fashion Report from 2011 SBS Drama Award

The 2011 SBS drama Award was held on December 31st. Feels incomplete if I do not write a review about the red carpet event. Well, actually this is not my favorite red carpet, even though i like almost the  actors and actresses who came to that event like Lee Dong Wook, Choi Kang Hee, Lee […]

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The Winners From 2011 SBS Drama Awards

I know that i’m late posting this article, but please forgive me, actually it’s still holiday for me. Like other giant broadcasters, MBC and KBS, SBS, in the same time with KBS, on December 31th also held the 2011 Drama  Awards. So, to be fair, I decided to make a report of that event, too. […]

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Report From 2011 Korean Drama Awards

To congratulate the success of the most-loved dramas of this year,the 2011 Korea Drama Awards was held on October 2nd at Kyungnam Culture and Arts center. On that event came so many actors, especially those who were involved in 2010-2011 dramas. This event gave awards for 13 categories and winners were chosen by seven judges […]

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Lee Min Ho-Park Min Yeong: Dating, CONFIRMED!

Still on the same day, today (August 23rd), their agencies announced two different statements. At first, the representative said that between Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yeong were just friends, but after a few hours after the first statement, their agencies rectify that statement, because finally the StarHaus Entertainment (Lee Min Ho’s agency) through […]

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Lee Min Ho-Park Min Yeong: Dating?

Yay! really?Whoaaa…i love this couple, and if they’re dating, i’ll be one of the few supportive fans The netizens discussion has been quite loaded with the news about our City Hunter couple were caught on camera going out together around last week. There’s no certain denial neither any confirmation. Through an interview by enews on […]


Lee Min Ho After “City Hunter”

After completing the “City Hunter”, instead of taking a rest Lee Min Ho is getting busy. A few days ago he had just returned from LA after doing a CF shoot with Yoona. On August 20, he also held fans meeting at auditorium Yeonse University, Seoul, and will go straight to Japan to continue a series of promotions. It’s been busy weeks for Lee Min Ho, […]

Lee Min Ho Return From LA

After wrapping his CF shooting for outdoor clothing brand with SNSD’s YooNa in Los Angeles since August 8th,  he landed safely at Incheon International Airport on August 17th. Nothing wrong with his appearance, he even still looks stunning with his casual suit. But that makes me wonder is a little doll hanging on his Louis Vuitton tote bag..hahaha..whether it’s a puppy doll? who […]


Lee Min Ho-Yoona Off to LA More Photos at Airport

Just want to share these pictures. Fans gathered at the airport for SNSD’s Yoona and Lee Min Ho. They both tried to give a warm response to the fans… [source]

Lee Min Ho is Off to LA for a CF Shooting

Lee Min Ho was seen at the Incheon Int’l Airport earlier today. He’s taking flight to LA for a CF shooting with SNSD’s Yoona. Apparently, Lee Min Ho’s current change through his strong character in “City Hunter” has made a popular French outdoor brand appoint him as the ambassador, together with Yoona. They will film […]