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The Blade And Petal Episode 20 (Finale) Summary

After stunned Mo Seol with his super crazy ambitious plans in becoming king, Nam Saeng  goes to Jang to report that the plans are now progressing appropriately. Jang who still suspicious about Nam Saeng’s grand scheme asks him what would happen if Jang decides to report Dad everything. Nam Saeng though feels very confident and […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 19 Summary

Doing his best to provoke his brother, Nam Saeng half-mocks Choong whether Choong is able to torture his precious princess. Choong clearly looks like he wants to be anywhere else but there to torture Moo Young, and Tae Pyung starts to get anxious too. He wishes his boss to start whipping Moo Young himself, because […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 18 Summary

Choong locks his sword with Moo Young and pushes her with their swords still intact to each other away from the General. Their eyes meet, sorrowful gazes from Choong’s and filled with rage from hers. “Move!”, Moo Young hisses. “I’ve waited for years for this moment.” Choong can only reply with a sad question, “Why […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 17 Summary

Moo Young wakes up with the feeling that she’s been staring by Choong, and of course she’s right. However she can’t spoil herself with the luxury of being together with him just the two alone at last, because they so have many things to do in the list. First, reminding Choong that his mother is […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 16 Summary

When Choong asks Moo Young to silently leave Joye, Nam Saeng listens to their conversation while he hides behind a wall. A man full of himself, Nam Saeng doesn’t understand what Choong feels towards Moo Young, and starts to get angry when he hears his brother wants to let the princess go. He pulls out […]

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Three Characters of Fullhouse 2

The picture of Fullhouse 2 leading characters was released on the net today. Looking at Hwang Jeong Eum is sitting between Noh Min Woo and Park Gi Woong. Noh Min Woo, will be playing as the smug Lee Young Jae is showing a bleak mood in the picture. Hwang Jeong Eum’s mushroom’s hairstyle raised quite […]

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Full House 2’s Casts (Finally) Confirmed

After a long negotiation and  almost failed, finally the leading roles of Full House’s  have been confirmed. On October 25th through their agency, Core Content Media, Noh Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum announced their involvement in “Full House 2” project. They already signed the contract. This is really confirmed?? That Noh Min Woo will […]


Noh Min Woo-Hwang Jung Eum for “Full House 2” Confirmed or Not Yet??

For a couple of days a rumor has been spread saying that (finally) the sequel drama project for “Full House” has found the leading roles to replace Rain and Song Hye Kyeo, they are Noh Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum. But recently their agencies announced that the rumor is not yet completely true. The […]

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Midas Episode 10 Summary

Do Hyeon’s side lost the battle actually because Sung Joon played a dirty trick. He sent a bag full of money with Lone Asia’s business card to the vice president of han yeong bank. The vice president himself told Do Hyeon. He was so upset. Another very upset person was In Hye. Her dream shattered […]

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