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The King 2 Hearts Episode 13 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts Episode 13 is heavy again, I’m telling you. The idea of Jae Ha-Hang Ah go for the WOC in Japan and Shi Kyeong who had to stay because Jae Shin, who was still struggling with her self, had to be the temporary Queen for a month…for me it’s all heavy. But […]

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The King 2 Hearts: Finally, The King Kissed His Fiance!

Watch out! This is a spoiler for the King 2 Hearts. But, i don’t care, the still from “The King 2Hearts” filming  on April 27th this picture surfaced on internet and becomes the hot topic among netizens, yeah..finally King Lee Jae Ha kisses Kim Hang Ah in front of the public. and no doubt it […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 12 Quick Summary

Mr.Kim spoke to Mr. Hyeon about Jae Ha’s safety. Meanwhile, Jae Ha was picked up by the North military. Jae Ha ignored them. Meanwhile Mr.Kim was trying to defend Jae Ha in front of Mr.Hyeon and persuaded him to let Mr.Kim do something for Jae Ha’s safety. Hang Ah came to her father’s office. She […]

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Ha Ji Won, The Queen for High Cut

Ha Ji Won posed for High Cut these week, based on her latest role on “The King 2Hearts”, Kim Hang Ah, the King’s fiancee. She appeared as the Queen here. Her pictorial published yesterday (April 26th). With lots of expressions she shows her charm on different colours. Sometime she looks so glamour and sexy with […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 11 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 11 is about King Lee Jae Ha was trying to be man. Lee Jae Ha becomes a simple brave man in this episode, but we’ll see it later on. This episode started with the scene where Jae Shin was struggling alone in the ambulance seeing the creepy lady. She’s trying […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 10 Quick Summary

Jae Ha coldly told Mr.Eun that Kim Hang Ah would go back home (to the North) today. Mr.Eun could be one of the people who was happy with that decision, unlike the Queen Mother and Jae Shin. Hang Ah was actually hard to go, but Mr.Eun stating a fact that the possibility of Hang Ah […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 9 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 9 conflict is getting more and more serious. This John Mayer loony guy is the same dangerous as the North Korean recent plan to proceed their rocket launching. Really, he’s gonna make this two countries in a war just to get the throne. Anyway, the summary is gonna be quite […]

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Lee Seung Gi, Our Good Boy Who Becomes Mature

Whoaa..when I was watching marathon episode 7 and 8 of “The King 2 Hearts” last week, I felt like riding the roller coaster. I hate the feeling but it was a kind of addiction and made me getting curious…Seriously I hate when my emotion became upside down, but this drama is too marvelous to be […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 8 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts Episode 8 is surely a sad episode. I still can’t believe the King died and that stupid Mr.Eun had to bear a sin for the rest of his life!! Arrgh. However, anyway…the genius writers won’t suck up our tears just like in any over-mellow over-dramatic other dramas. I assure you, don’t […]

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