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Ha Ji Won: The Marriage and The Younger Partner

On her new drama “The King 2Hearts”, Ha Ji Won will be entangled with marriage thing, her role, Kim Hang Ah, will experience an arrange marriage with prince crown Lee  Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi). The marriage isn’t new thing for her in acting, in the end of “Secret Garden” she looked so sweet together […]

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Pictures from “The King 2Hearts” Press Conference

Today (March 8th) at Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul, MBC’s most anticipated drama “The King 2Hearts” held the press conference. This drama was planned to be airing start on March 14, but due to the labor strike it’s delayed until March 21. The main characters from this black rom-com drama attended on this event, they were […]

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“The King 2Hearts” Released Second Teaser

On March 7th, MBC revealed the second video teaser for “The King 2Hearts”. More tense, action, comedy, and even tears show up in here.  Le Jae Ha just typical spoiled prince and i think it’s not the new thing for Lee Seung Gi, since he played really good on “Brilliant Legacy” (2009). and Ha Ji […]

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Ha Ji Won – Lee Seung Gi Share Their Intimacy on “The King 2Hearts” First Poster

On March 7th, MBC published the first poster from “The King 2Hearts”. The poster shows two main characters, prince Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) and the North soldier Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won). I love this poster, when Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi transformed into a royal couple, especially i love […]

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Lee Seung Gi’s Tears and Pain for “The King 2Hearts”

More pictures of Lee Seung Gi from “The King 2Hearts” were published.I hope you never get bored with my post. The pictures still came from NBC training camp, Lee Seung Gi looked trouble with his duty, even he looked in pain..Apparently they’re all hard mission for our prince..was he crying??? ouch..i feel pity for him. […]

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Lee Seung Gi on Military Camp for “The King 2Hearts”

Actually on March 2nd, MBC released more photos of Lee Seung Gi for anticipating “The King 2Hearts” that will be released on March 14th. Sorry i missed these photos. This time Seung Gi looked sit down calmly and comfortably on the snow. The shooting took place on NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) training camp. To improve […]

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More Stills of Ha Ji Won from “The King 2Hearts”

Before this i wrote Ha Ji Won looks so stiff with the military uniform, and now with the hair-band-slash-hat and the red gloves she turns into a classic lady on her new drama “The King 2Hearts”. This time the sergeant transformed into North college student, She looks so pretty, modest but classy. During the filming, Ha […]

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More Pictures From “The King 2Hearts” Set

More photos from “The King 2Hearts” revealed, and show the happy times during the filming. With their smile, the main actors, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi create warm and friendly atmosphere on set. Too easy to make Ha Ji Won laughing indeed, while Lee Seung Gi also has good sense of humor. They […]

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Military Fashion from Lee Seung Gi on “The King 2Hearts”

Okay actually my hand is too itchy if i’m not commenting about one of Lee Seung Gi’s military uniforms, especially the uniform that he is wearing on the photo above. Before thise, i wrote about this and  i said to Rizz “I have no idea about Seung Gi’s ruffle uniform, is he kidding?!!!? Frankly the […]