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Won Bin’s More Photo from K2

K2 absolutely never regret their decision for replacing Hyun Bin with Won Bin to become K2’s ambassador. The adventure has begin for Won Bin. This is one of the results from his photo shoot for that outdoor brand. This time for autumn/winter collection. Won Bin’s charm so perfect for those products. Since he plays on […]

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Won Bin Replacing Hyun Bin for K2

Since Hyun Bin “disappear” for a while from Korean entertainment industry for doing his duties as a good citizen on military, frankly i feel a bit slack here, less of amusement. I think the most influential for his absence is some products are used to using him as their model, they lose a weapon to […]

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Won Bin-Moon Geun Yeong: Couple for Basic House

I think I’ve been blessed these days, because I often see Won Bin’s face around me, considering he’s not in the small screen play for quite a long time. However, he has a bunch of ads and that makes me feel never loose him…and oh so damn!!! why you have to be so gorgeous day […]


Won Bin for Chris.Christy

He’s no longer as the ajeossi, please look at these picture!!..whoaa..he’s so cute and sweet like kitten, so adorable until i wanna hug him Won Bin is trusted to become Chris.Christy ambassador, a clothing brand. He’s doing a photo-shoot for summer collection. In these pictures he’s just wearing simple T-shirt but look stunning and luxury..oh […]

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Won Bin’s Stills: Where is My Ajeossi???

I was little bit sorrow seeing these pictures. I think i’ve lost my ajeossi. I know, and people around the world also know that Won Bin is so handsome (no one can deny that). But  I’ve already fallen for my-cool and sexy-ajeossi, so I raised my eyebrow for the first time looking at his ‘cute’ […]


Won Bin and Moon Geun Yeong for Basic House

Basic House released casual early year product (S/S), and pairing Won Bin and Moon Geun Yeong as the models. The right choice! Won Bin-ajeossi not look like an ajeossi here. He looked younger but still handsome (oh yeah because it’s just his nature). For Moon Geun Yeong, seeing her like that made me forget Mary’s […]

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Won Bin and Ha Ji Won The Most Wanted Actor/Actress

One of movie site held a poll on December 23rd-29th by asking “If you are a director, who is the actor /actress you’d select to play in your movies on 2011?” For the actor, with 4891 respondents, the result (as has been I guess) is the one and only my-honey-sweety-ajeossi, Won Bin. He’s getting a […]


Won Bin and Shin Min Ah at MAXIM Party

Models for MAXIM CF, Won Bin and Shin Min Ah, came to  “Maxim TOP The Real Night” club party on December 17th. They look great together. Won Bin, as always, looked gorgeous. And Shin Min Ah looked sweet and simple, that’s why I like her. I think their kiss in the “Maxim” CF was legendary, […]

Won Bin is 2010 Korean Brightest Movie Actor

A survey conducted by Korean Gallop Organization from November 17th to December 2nd resulted Won Bin as “2010 Brightest Movie Actor”. The survey was held across the nation, excluding Jeju Island, with 30.7% of total 1701 female respondents supported him. He beat his sonbae, Jang Dong Gun, who was on the second place with 14.4% […]

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