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Moon Geun Yeong and Kim Bum Becomes Lovers for Real

Moon Geun Yeong and Kim Bum are officially a romantic item. Both sides already confirmed that the couple has been dating for a month. Moon Geun Yeong’s representative, Namoo, said “through their recent drama ‘Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi’, Moon Geun Yeong and Kim Bum developed their feeling carefully and began seeing each other as […]

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Kim Bum Joins Moon Geun Yeong for “Goddess of Fire”

Through King Kong Entertainment, on May 6th, Kim Bum is confirmed to act alongside with Moon Geun Yeong on up-coming drama “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi” (불의여신 정이). This is the first sageuk project for him. Our ceramic guy on “Boys Before Flower” (2008) has to protect the first female ceramic artist, Jung Yi or […]

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Moon Geun Yeong Is Positive For “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi”

Moon Geun Yeong confirmed to be back on sageuk after five years through up-coming drama “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi”. In this drama she will be portraying the greatest pottery artist Baek Pa Sun. Just like “Painter of the Wind” (2008), once again she will become the passionate artist. In this drama she will act […]

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 16 Summary (Final)

Se Gyeong and Tommy were wondering what was the ending of Alice in Wonderland story. Se Gyeong said it’s the dream and Alice woke up. Meanwhile Yoon Joo told Seung Jo that the person who got his paintings were his father. SEung Jo still try to deny it, but Yoon Joo said he’s the son of […]

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 15 Summary

Cheongdamdong Alice this episode just straightly started from the tense in the airport after Se Gyeong said what she said in the previous episode. Seung Jo said he had seen everything. Se Gyeong said not Han Se Gyeog he had seen all this time, but the real her… her true feelings. She said she wouldn’t […]

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 14 Summary

This is it, the moment we are afraid the most from happening in Cheongdamdong Alice. The moment when Seung Jo knows the truth. But wait I made a little mistake last time. He pretended that he had no nothing to do with the other woman, Yoon Joo. In Hwa tried to correct it, to get […]

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 13 Quick Summary

Cheongdamdong Alice this episode started where it ended in the previous episode, at the bridal. Tommy Hong burst into the fitting room which made Seung Jo asked, “What brings you here?” Tommy’s excuse was that he wanted to congratulate Seung Jo personally. He gave Se Gyeong a sign and Se Gyeong got it, so she […]

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 12 Quick Summary

As we saw in the end of previous Cheongdamdong Alice’s episode, Cha Seung Jo made a great surprise to the Cha family by showing up in the family’s annual service for the ancestor. Mr.Cha, even though he didn’t really show it nor say it, he was happy. And of course Seung Jo was also happy […]

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 11 Quick Summary

Everyone was shock by Seung Jo’s sudden announcement. Mr.Cha was furious to his son. Shin family was blaming on Tommy’s failure on the match making. Mr.Cha still thought that Seung Jo’s feelings to Se Gyeong was not sincere. He just did it to challenge his father. But Seung Jo defended Se Gyeong till the end. […]

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