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So Ji Sub’s “Road No.1”, soon!

[image source: imbc.com] So Ji Sub always looks hot in any suit, including army uniform! Yeah, he’s playing as an army named Lee Jang Woo in MBC’s next drama “Road No.1” (로드 넘버원). Kim Ha Neul will play as Kim Soo Yeon, Jang Woo’s girlfriend. “Road No.1″ is a very highly anticipated drama of 2010. […]

My Girlfriend is a Fox with 9 tails

[image source] Reading the title of this upcoming drama just straightly reminds me of a Japanese anime, Naruto. My girlfriend is a Jin Chuu Riki? Hoho, I think this fantasy drama will be interesting. The story is about an action stuntman student who is afraid of ghosts and 9-tailed foxes, yet falls in love on […]


What’s Rain’s New Drama?

[image source: tistory] All the fans are so excited with his comeback. Rain is back with his new album “Back to Basic”,but what’s the hottest news is he’s going back on the small screen. Rumours has it that Rain is going to have a new drama project,a collaboration with Chu No’s writer, Cheon Seong Il. […]

‘Baker King Kim Tak Goo’ after Cinderella’s Sister

[image source] [image source] [image source] [image source] KBS2 will start airing a new drama “Baker King Kim Tak Goo’ or also known as ‘Bread, Love, and Dreams’ on June 9th 2010, after the successful Cinderella’s Sister. The story will take us back to 1970’s and tell about a man, Kim Tak Gu who is […]

Cinderella’s Sister Episode 20 Summary (Final)

After all the angst and frustration, Cinderella’s Sister reached the final episode on June 3rd 2010. Honestly, I kind of disappointed with the way the scriptwriter ended the story. I’d prefer this show stopped at episode 19. Gi Hoon was investigated by the police in relation to Hong Joo scandal. That left Eun Jo explained […]

Cinderella’s Sister Favourite Scenes

The catch-me-if-you-can scene between Eun Jo and Gi Hoon in episode 1. When Eun Jo’s long silky mermaid hair fell down after Gi Hoon caught her pencil-as-hair-chopstick from it. For me, that scene was quite beautiful. When Eun Jo was leaning on the big wine jar, peacefully listening to the sound of bubbles, while Gi […]

Cinderella’s Sister Episode 19 Summary

After the HUG scene on the middle of the busy street, i know everyone was expecting a KISS. But i think the PD was telling us, “Just hold on a little while dear viewers.” So, no kiss. Eun Jo and Gi Hoon drove out of the city, with Eun Jo so concerned about Gi Hoon […]

Cinderella’s Sister Episode 12 Summary

Cinderella’s Sister Episode 12 Summary

Gi Hoon talked some senses to Eun Jo, but she insisted on leaving even if she had to do it without Gi Hoon. However, on her way out of home, the cheering voices of the full-spirited workers in the factory caught her attention. Seeing those faithfull workers worked so cheerfully and even warmly greeted Eun […]

Cinderella’s Sister Episode 11 Summary

Cinderella’s Sister Episode 11 Summary

Gi Hoon was actually standing just outside the room and heard Eun Jo’s weeping all those times. We could see how much it hurt him. That heartbreaking moment then brought Gi Hoon regreting all his sins. He decided to turn his back against his father (and brother) and fought for Dae Sung Co. He went […]