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Good Doctor Episode 11 Summary

Good Doctor episode 11 did not have that much tension. But there’re some sweet moments for some doctors. Starting this episode, the pregnant girl collapsed during the argument with her mother in-law.The doctors rushed her back inside and had to get ready for surgery soon. Dr.Choi was approached by Shi On’s mother in the previous […]

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Good Doctor Episode 10 Summary

Good Doctor episode 10 is probably Shi On’s most glorious moment so far in the hospital. It started with the moment during the singer boy’ surgery. Shi On suggested a method during the procedure, so they could save the boy’s voice cord. Dr.Kim took part in the decision making. Yoo Seo executed it well, and […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 18 Summary

Choong locks his sword with Moo Young and pushes her with their swords still intact to each other away from the General. Their eyes meet, sorrowful gazes from Choong’s and filled with rage from hers. “Move!”, Moo Young hisses. “I’ve waited for years for this moment.” Choong can only reply with a sad question, “Why […]

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Good Doctor Episode 9 Summary

Good Doctor episode 9 was smooth without much conflict. The singer boy who threatened to jump off the building refused to listen to anyone. But then Shi On stepped forward and asked if he’s not afraid to die. The boy, Gwi Han, said he was not afraid at all. Shi On said the opposite. He […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 17 Summary

Moo Young wakes up with the feeling that she’s been staring by Choong, and of course she’s right. However she can’t spoil herself with the luxury of being together with him just the two alone at last, because they so have many things to do in the list. First, reminding Choong that his mother is […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 16 Summary

When Choong asks Moo Young to silently leave Joye, Nam Saeng listens to their conversation while he hides behind a wall. A man full of himself, Nam Saeng doesn’t understand what Choong feels towards Moo Young, and starts to get angry when he hears his brother wants to let the princess go. He pulls out […]

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Good Doctor Episode 8 Summary

Good Doctor episode 8 started when it ended. Shi On said that the hospital chief called him telling that he had found out that Shi On didn’t make any mistake. Regarding Eun Ok, Shi On told the argued people that they can ask Eun Ok herself whether she wanted to go home with her aunt or […]

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KBS’s Up-coming Drama “Mirae’s Choice” Locks The Main Casts

Another time-travel drama will be on TV. Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, and Jung Yong Hwa already confirmed to be involved in KBS’s up-coming drama “Mirae’s Choice”. “Mirae’s Choice” tells about Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye), the writer who’s able to go back in time to meet her in the past and change […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 15 Summary

Choong loosened up his grip on his sword, letting the sword falls to the ground so he can catch Moo Young’s body. On his hiding place So Sa Bun wants to move to get the princess but his men stops him, reminds him that other intelligence agency men come so it’s better for them to […]