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Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 9 Summary

I call this episode 9 as “the jaw dropping episode” because there’re so many “jaw dropping” lines and scenes in it. And If previously i told you, you wouldn’t want to miss episode 7, you definitely shouldn’t ever miss this episode. I know i made so many stills for this summary…but maybe that’s just because […]


Kim Nam Gil submit to Military Service

After his extension denied, Kim Nam Gil finally decided to submit to nation calls, on July 15 to start his compulsory military service. (See the previous article about it) So what happened with “Bad Guy“? as the lead character of course the Kim Nam Gil’s departure to military service brought a huge impact to the  […]


Jang Hyeok after “Chuno”

After the break of “Chuno” production, Jang Hyeok will be back to appear in TV drama soon through “Secret Garden”, a romance drama. Unlike in “Chuno”, in this up coming drama Jang Hyeok will play as a modern man with all his perfection: the look, the brain, the wealth…Hmm, that won’t be difficult for him, […]

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Drama “Love Song” Leading Casts, Yoon Eun Hye and …?

Maybe this is the way Yoon Eun Hye is paying respect to the late Park Yong Ha. Yoon Eun Hye decided to continue being the lead actress in the drama “Love Song“. Many people expected this project would be canceled after Park Yong Ha’s death, but after going through the mourning period, at July 8th […]

Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 8 Summary

Choi Eun So fighting Geun Bae and Ha Na could finally clear the misunderstanding between Do Hoon and her. After Do Hoon leaving her, Ha Na rushed to Eun So to give her some help. However, instead of making things easier, she made Geun Bae fought Eun So back and caused Eun Seo bumped her […]

Kim Hyeon Joong for Korean “Naughty Kiss” leading role?

Naughty Kiss is definitely one of my old-dramas favorite. That’s why when I first heard the rumor that Korea will have the remake soon, I got excited. They’ve been casting for the leading roles. Park Bo Yong, Park shin Hye, Kara’s Han Seung Young, and f(x) Sully were nominated for the female leading role. And […]

Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 7 Summary

I love this episode! the story was getting a lot more interesting, more thrills, and more significant development in romance Ha Na finally could get out of the thrilling situation safely. Jin Hyeok rushed there to save her, but she did it well on her own. Jin Hyeok was getting more and more obvious in […]

Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 6 Summary

I actually really hate the real reason behind NIA agreeing Ha Na’s involvement in the operation. They’re using Ha Na as  the insurance for this very risky bussiness. And I really hate they’re hiding it from her, treating her like a puppet show if not guinea pig. But I love the way Jin Hyeok stood […]

Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 4-5 Summary

I think episode 4 and 5 can be summarized in one article because I think it’s just too long to get to the point: Oh Ha Na becomes the secret agent by being the secretary for Han Do Hoon. Ha Na agreed to Jin Hyeok’s partner for this drug organization case. The first thing they […]