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Draft Notice To Kim Nam Gil

The airing of drama “Bad Guy” threatened stopped, not because the drama was less successful precisely because the lead actor, Kim Nam Gil, received a draft notice from the ARMY to immediately join with military service in mid-July. This draft notice is not the first for Kim Nam Gil. When the production of “Bad Guy” […]

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“Love Song-Drama” [in memory of Park Yong Ha]

Finally, Verdi Media, a producer company, announcing Yoon Eun Hye as a female lead to joining with Park Yong Ha in the upcoming drama “Love Song-Drama”, a drama which is a remake of a successful Hong Kong movie entitled “Comrades, Almost A Love Story “. “Comrades, Almost A Love Story” (1997) tells of two Chinese […]

Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 3 Summary

The catch-me-if-you-can among Jin Hyeok> Ha Na, Ha Na> Geun Bae , Jin Hyok > Geun Bae still continued in this episode. Jin Hyeok was running a secret surveiliance on Ha Na and always caught her in the right spot at the right moment. But the result was never good for both of them. During […]

ATHENA:Goddess Of War

Excitement still continues in the production of the “ATHENA: Goddess Of War”, especially after the drama’s posters were released, showing the action of the casts: Jeong Woo Seong, Soo Ae, Cha Seung Won, Kim Min Jong, Lee Ji Ah, and including Choi Si Won (Su Ju’s member) who was holding a gun [yeah, this cute […]

“Secret Agent Miss Oh” Episode 1-2 Summary

I think it was a very good idea for me to give “Secret Agent Miss Oh” a try. It is a very entertaining drama. Lots of laughs, guarantee! After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Mansu, Oh Ha Na’s misfortune continued by being suspected to have any connection with criminal organization. She was dragged to the […]


Seo Woo, A Loser Cinderella?

There’s something a little annoying for me when reading Seo Woo’s statement about her acting in Cinderella’s Sister, based on interviews with Harper’s Bazaar. Seo Woo said that her acting as Hyeo Son is the worst acting, yet her most worked on character. Although not a Cinderella’s Sisters lover, I have a little objection for […]

Thank God “Three Brothers” has ended, so what’s next?

Yeah, I kind of against the odds by disliking the KBS weekend drama “Three Brothers”. While it had a high ranking in the home country viewers, i don’t know I just found it boring and just dislike it more when it felt like ages to reach the end. So when I found out that it […]


“Secret Agent Miss Oh” maybe interesting

I was giving it a try since it replaced “Birth of a Rich” airing time on KBS. All the faces in the poster are not familiar for me except for Ryu Jin. He impressed me in Capital Scandal with his expressionless and mysterious character. He surprises me in this drama by performing a very different […]

Another Japanese Drama Remake: “Naughty Kiss”

This beutiful woman name is Park Bo Young (ooh, look at her wonderful dress, so fresh!). Rumor has it that she’s going to be the leading actress for the remake of Japanese dorama “Naughty Kiss”. But we all need to wait for the confirmation that’ll be announced at the end of this June. I think […]