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The Tense Posters of TOP’s Up-Coming Movie “Alumnus” Revealed

For officially released on November 6th, “Alumnus” (동창생) or “Commitment” (international title) unveiled the posters. Although only showing the main character, Myung Hun (TOP/Choi Seung Hyun), the posters are full of tension and gloomy. On this thriller movie, TOP is sparing his acting skill alongside with Yoon Je Moon, Jo Sung Ha, Han Ye Ri, […]

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Gu Family Book Episode 24 Quick Summary (Final)

We finally come to the final episode of Gu Family Book. I warn you to prepare two things. First thing is tissue, handkerchief or whatever that can help you wipe your tears. Second thing is, a broader mind set to digest the unexpected surprises at the endings…(plural friends, yes endings). So let’s start our last […]

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Gu Family Book Episode 23 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 23 starts where it ended: Kang Chi was breaking up with Yeo Wool. KAng Chi said they need to break up because he doesn’t want her to die. “There is no one in this world who knows when he/she will die!” protested Yeo Wool. “You do!” said Kang Chi. So Kang […]

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Gu Family Book Episode 22 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 22 is not yet the drama finale, nor the end of Kang Chi’s misery. But even so…there are some moments of clear sky in this gloomy situation. Let’s get back to the moment when it was raining. Yeo Wool remembered how her father had told her to leave Kang Chi and […]

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Gu Family Book Episode 21 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 21 is quite sad…I’m telling you in advance. Don’t really expect too much magic dear fans. It’s about learning to really let go… Quick back to the last scene from previous episode. Wol Ryeong was wondering who Seo Hwa was while he stared at her in a creepy way. He asked […]

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Gu Gamily Book Episode 20 Quick Summary

The tense is high again in Gu Family Book episode 20. Let’s just get to the story. Tae Seo and Seo Hwa were discussing their plan. For Tae Seo, the most important thing is knowing when they will kill Mr.Jo.And then we see how the ninja approached Mr.Jo, but he was saved by his right […]

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Gu Family Book Episode 19 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 19 is the time for Kang Chi to deal with his parents…with their different issues. The story went back to the time when Seo Hwa attacked Mr.Jo 20 years ago. Apparently, he had a Japanese guess and the guess witnessed everything. After the guards took Mr.Jo away, the Japanese man checked […]

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Gu Family Book Episode 18 Quick Summary

Let’s just go to the scene where Gu Family Book ended in the previous episode. Seo Hwa was rising her dagger and asked who Kang Chi was. Innocently Kang Chi just said, “anooo…” and made the funny gesture. In the main room, the entertainment night was interrupted after a samurai came and informed something to the […]

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Gu Family Book Episode 17 Quick Summary

This episode of Gu Family Book starts with Kang Chi’s voice over and some flashbacks. “Why couldn’t answer you question that time? Why couldn’t I tell you that time? The truth is..The truth is Yeo Wool-a…” Kang Chi thought it was Wol Ryeong who kidnapped Yeo Wool. But the truth is, while KAng Chi was telling […]

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