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City Hunter Episode 13 Summary

Na Na was once again saved by Yoon Seong, thanks to his quick response on the situation. Jin Pyo didn’t shoot him. The incident left Yoon Seong a bad mood. Na Na’s request to him for not worrying about her if next time she’s in danger didn’t help his mood. But Na Na told him […]

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Will Lee Min Ho be in “Faith”?

Since February 23rd there’s a rumour that Lee Min Ho will  join Kim Hee Sun on a long-postponed-drama-project “Faith”. This high budget drama has been postponed for two years for so many reasons, especially about the leading male.  Lee Jun Ki, the original cast, has to take off the role due to his duty calling […]

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City Hunter Episode 12 Summary

Na Na survived. They brought Na Na to Jin Se Hee animal clinic. Se Hee said Na Na should go to human hospital since she had lost many bloods and her blood pressure was so weak. Yoon Seong told her to use his blood because he’s an O blood type. While waiting for Na Na […]

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City Hunter Episode 11 Summary

Yoon Seong brought Na Na out of the National Forensic Service. He asked her since when she had known that he was the City Hunter. Na Na said since he saved her at the TV Station. Yoon seong warned her not to be involved in his business and to forget everything about him. Meanwhile at […]

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City Hunter Episode 10 Summary

Yoon Seong told his father that now it’s a pure murder. He said he’s getting curious about this whole revenge scheme. “Is it a revenge for those innocent comrades who were killed by their own army? Or is it a kind of self destruction because you feel guity for being the only one survive?” Jin […]

Lee Min Ho’s Sexy Eyes at Cosmopolitan Man

Everyone must agree with me that this guy is sexy. In my opinion, Lee Min Ho has been very sexy since City Hunter. In “Boys Over Flower” he’s just still in an average level of ‘handsome’. In “Personal Taste” he’s up a few level on ‘handsome’ and started to be qualified in a whole-package of […]

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Flowers Four from Joseon Era on “Rooftop Prince”

On February 18, through his twitter account, Lee Min Ho (the Moon That Embraces the Sun) uploaded a selca (self camera) from his new drama set, “Rooftop Prince”. On that photo he posed alongside with his co-workers, Yoochun, Choi Woo Shik, and Jung Suk Won. with their traditional custom the four actors  appear looked a […]

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City Hunter Episode 9 Summary

Yoon Seong could finaly saved Na Na, but the plan turned to a mess. Jin Pyo and his man stepped in. They kidnapped Seo Yeong Hak to an abandoned building for further interrogation. Meanwhile Yeong Joo managed hunt them down because he had put a tracking device earlier when he fought with Yoon Seong. Jin […]

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City Hunter Episode 8 Summary

Yoon Seong was badly injured. He couldn’t go to the regular hospital, so he broke into Se Hee’s animal clinic. Se Hee was back to her clinic to take something when she found Yoon Seong was there. She treated his wound, but didn’t ask anything about it. She paid her debt to Yoon Seong by […]