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Lee Seung Gi for Ha Ji Won on “The King”?

On January 19th, one of Lee Seung Gi’s staff leaked the information  that Lee Seung Gi will team up with Ha Ji Won on “The King”. Ouch..are you kidding? This kid even not in my possible-actors-for-Ha Ji Won-list , after Won Bin, Jo In Sung, then Cha Seung Won, how could they have this idea […]

Lee Seung Gi at Samsung Zipel Grand Style 508 Fans Meeting

On November 10th, Lee Seung Gi attend the Samsung Zipel Grand Style 508 Fans Meeting. As we know, Seung Gi is the ambassador for the brand together with Blossom’s favorite ajeossi, Cha Seung Won. Actually there’s nothing really important about the fans meeting. I post this article because Seung Gi’s photos are very cute. This […]

Lee Seung Gi’s New Song “Because We’re Friends” (친구잖아)

I don’t know why I giggled the first time I listened to the song. I was wondering, “Is it some kind of Seung Gi’s true feeling? That he’s actually been one-sided love with his friend all this time that makes a high qualified boy like stay single?” I don’t know…this thought just made me giggled. […]

Lee Seung Gi Released 5th Album “Tonight”

For all Lee Seung Gi’s fans, it’s a very good news that finally our beloved Seung Gi released his 5th album “Tonight.” Yesterday at Seongsu-dong, Songdong-gu, Seoul, October 26th evening Lee Seung Gi held “Lee Seung Gi’s 5 minutes music broadcast” where it’s part of his 5th album promotion. That “Lee Seung Gi’s 5 minutes […]


Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won Received President Award

Today, October 25th, actor Lee Seung Gi and actress Ha Ji Won received President Award at Myeong Dong Korea Federation Bank at the opening of international confrence “48th Memorial Day Savings Event”. They are honored by the government for giving a very good image as a role model celebrities that active in giving donations and […]


Jang Geun Seok Wants Lee Seung Gi as His Friend

Jang Geun Seok will appear as a guest on MBC’s show, “Knee Drop Guru”. The recording had been done on August 31. On that show,  Jang Geun Seok told about his career as an actor and a singer, and his popularity overseas, since lately he’s already become a Hallyu star. Not only talk about his […]


Lee Seung Gi’s Beggar Look Haircut

Frankly, I was speechless when I first time saw Lee Seung Gi’s new look at 2 Days 1 Night. But not because I was bedazzled. It’s because I was quite shocked. I thought his hairstylish did a foolish thing or he could’ve cut his own hair with unproper scissors or a kitchen knife. He looked […]

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Most Memorable of 2010 Drama

For all the feast, the cheers, the fireworks, and the cold nights…HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! 2010 had been a memorable year for me because I started this blog . Dramas and movies have been giving a big influence in my life because basically I love stories and writing is more than just a hobby for […]

Lee Seung Gi as Male MC from KBS’s “2 Days 1 Night”

If you like to watch one of KBS Shows “2 Days 1 Night” you must have very easily fallen in love with Lee Seung Gi as himself, not as any other characters  he may play in dramas. He shows us his true character in that show: smart, polite, sporty, angel-heart, brave, and funny. He’s like […]