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Most Memorable of 2010 Drama

For all the feast, the cheers, the fireworks, and the cold nights…HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! 2010 had been a memorable year for me because I started this blog . Dramas and movies have been giving a big influence in my life because basically I love stories and writing is more than just a hobby for […]

Favorite Character from “Birth of a Rich”

It’s definitely Bu Tae Hee! She’s just soooo hilarious. She’s a very pretty girl, wealthy yes…but not a brainy like Lee Shin Mee. She showed up as an antagonist at the beginning but as time went by, she became more lovable in her own way. Her determination of keeping her body shape represents many girls […]

Birth of a Rich Episode 1

Well, I’m not gonna say this is a hit drama with its 1st episode. It started with a post-one-night-stand event between two complete strangers. They were completely drunk. So the next day they woke up and saw a big news about an airplane crash. The man said he should’ve been in that plane. While the […]

The Birth of a Rich

I watch this drama because it’s quite funny. It is not comedy nor romantic comedy as well, but i found this drama amusing. So I guess I better call it amusing drama. This drama is about Choi Seok Bong’s determination in finding his Billionaire birth father, whom he never saw. Well, frankly I have to […]