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BIG Episode 9 Quick Summary

Gyeong Joon and Da Ran were in a rush to the hospital. On their way, Gyeong Joon tried to explain to Da Ran what he experienced in that glimpsed of moment. Meanwhile in the hospital, the nurses found Gyeong Joon’s body was already on the floor. They rushed him for a further examination. In the […]

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BIG Episode 8 Quick Summary

Big Episode 8 is about Da Ran and Gyeong Joon making up their mind about their marriage plan. As Gyeong Joon put the ring into Da Ran’s finger, he promised not to ever fall in love with Da Ran. “Are you okay marrying me?” asked Da Ran. Gyeong Joon kind of say that there’s no other […]

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BIG Episode 7 Quick Summary

Big Episode 7 started where it ended when Ma Ri finally found out that Yoon Jae was actually Gyeong Joon. He didn’t -couldn’t- deny it. Ma Ri hugged Gyeong Joon tight and then fainted.Gyeong Joon and Da Ran brought her to Gyeong Joon’s room. Choong Shik came to Gyeong Joon’s house because he worried about […]

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BIG Episode 6 Quick Summary

The man standing next to Da Ran was still Gyeong Joon, our rational said that. But he’s acting very serious that it tricked Da Ran, and maybe some of us too. “Gil Da Ran-ssi, it’s been a long time,” he said coldly to Da Ran. Da Ran still insisted that he’s Gyeong Joon. “But  why are […]

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BIG Episode 5 Quick Summary

Gyeong Joon didn’t let Da Ran to get into Se Yeong’s place even though Da Ran was crying and struggling to get in. He threw the key and then lifted up Da Ran, brought her out of the apartment. It took a while for Da Ran to get a little hold of herself again. Da […]

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BIG Episode 4 Summary

Gyeong Joon leaned towards Da Ran, hoping that she would shy and pulled herself back. But she didn’t. So Gyeong Joon gave up and drew himself back, protested why Da Ran didn’t push him away. “Ajumma, why don’t you push me away? Inside here is an 18 years old boy!” He freaked out. Da Ran […]

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BIG Episode 3 Quick Summary

Gyeong Joon figured out what actually Yoon Jae had been doing with Se Yeong behind Da Ran’s back. He tried to avoid being alone with Se Yeong, but Da Ran insisted on inviting Se Yeong for a drink or a small snack. Se Yeong tried to send Da Ran away while Gyeong Joon tried so […]

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BIG Episode 2 Quick Summary

Gil Da Ran insisted Gyeong Joon to go back to the hospital to let the doctor explain what happened to him. But Gyeong Joon had his own way, simpler one, to explain to Da Ran how his soul was switched with Yoon Jae’s. He used robot toys with glasses to illustrate how it all happened. […]

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BIG Episode 1 Quick Summary

Big Episode 1 started with a girl who was running with a bouquet to someone’s wedding. She’s the florist delivery girl Gil Da Ran. Apparently the bride was her old friend and all her girl friends were there. She’s the only one who wasn’t invited to the wedding. But Da Ran didn’t take it a big […]

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