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The Equator Man Episode 4 Summary

The adult actors are coming in on The Equator Man episode 4. I think the casting was excellent, they could find actors that quite look a like, so the connection between the youth version and the grown up version of the characters are smooth, especially between Shi Wan and Lee Joon Hyeok. After throwing Seon […]

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The Equator Man Episode 3 Summary

The Equator Man episode 3 still tells the story during Seon Woo and Jang Il’s youth. In the end of previous episode, Seon Woo was ordered by the bad guys to find this man named Jun Taek and killed him. Since they threatened him to ruin Jang Il’s life if Seon Woo refused or failed […]

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Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Jun Hyuk Shared Love on “The Equator Man” Set

Even though “The Equator Man” is the serious drama, but on set they, especially Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Jun Hyuk, never lack of love. oooh..these ajeossi-deul are so cute. Since Uhm Tae Woong is adorable and adorkable ajeossi, I bet Lee Jun Hyuk will never get bored playing around with him. These pictures was published yesterday (March 27th), taken […]

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2 Days 1 Night Season 2 Episode 4: Hilarious Moments

2 Days 1 Night today’s episode (March 25) was crazily hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing out loud especially during the voice over. The king of ballad, Sung Shi Kyung, was really bullied by other brothers. But before that, there’s a scene in the tent where some of them called female celebrities and ask them two […]

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The Equator Man Episode 2 Summary

The Equator Man episode 2 still tells what happened to Jang Il and Seon Woo’s lives in 15 years earlier. Last episode’s ending was Seon Woo found his father’s body hung on the tree. Jang Il’s father was in the middle of his work in President Jin as usual. He was looking for his master […]

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The Equator Man Episode 1 Summary

Equator Man has a very sad premise. There’s only one evil character that ruins the lives of almost all other characters in this drama. And I bet this drama is gonna be heart-wrecking, full of ambition, revenge and bitter story of lives. Let’s start our summary. Lee Jang Il is a wounded person, not physically, […]

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2Days1Night Season 2 Episode 1: Cha Tae Hyeon was the Funniest

2 Days 1 Night Season 2 finally started! They didn’t do the opening in KBS’s headquarter in Yeouido, Seoul. The three old members, Lee Su Geun – Kim Jong Min – Uhm Tae Woong, were doing the pre-opening at a port in Incheon. Meanwhile the four new members were taken to different places, but through […]

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Posters and Teaser Videos from “The Equator Man”

On March 3rd, KBS released their most anticipated spring drama “The Tropical Man”. The posters and teasers just put attention to the two main characters, Kim Seon Woo (Uhm Tae Woong) and Lee Jang Il (Lee Jun Hyuk), even each character is displayed on different video. Kim Seon Woo and Lee Jang Il, the former […]

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Joo Won Who Stands In The Middle for 2D1N Season 2 ?

Apparently, it’s Joo Won who stands in the middle for KBS “2 Days 1 Night” Season 2. Yesterday, March 2, the official released an image that shows it. During Season 1, it was Kang Ho Dong’s place. He’s the center of the show and took the responsibility to  do the opening and closing of the […]