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Han Ji Min Becomes Political Enemy for Hyun Bin in “The King’s Wrath”

Finally Han Ji Min confirmed her role on up-coming movie “The King’s Wrath”. On this historical movie, she decided to take an antagonist role, Queen Jeongsun, the step grandmother of King Jeongjo (Hyun Bin). Her status might be as the grandmother, but her age just seven years older than her step-grandson. Based on the history, […]

Ha Ji Won Joins UTA to Start Her Hollywood Career

Ha Ji Won becomes the first korean actress who seriously starts the international career. On August 13th, her agency revealed that Ha Ji Won already signed up a contract with the Hollywood biggest agency, UTA. UTA is the home for Johnny Depp, Anthony Hopkins, Harrison Ford, Gwenyth Paltrow, James McAvoy, Liv Taylor, Channing Tatum and […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 12 Summary

Choong puts his sword right onto Moo Young’s throat demanding her to answer who she really is. When Moo Young hardens herself and about to answer his question, Yeon Nam Saeng enters the room and announces that Moo Young who now disguises as a man as his friend. Refuses to accept Nam Saeng’s answer just […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 11 Summary

Just when Moo Young and all Yeon Jung Ro’s soldiers about to yield their swords and ready to attack, Boo Chi who stands by watching on the rooftop giving away signals that much bigger enemy’s army are ready to swipe them all if they persevere attack General Yeon right there. Leader So shakes his head […]

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The Stars In Lee Byung Hun & Lee Min Jeong’s Wedding

Most of the guests in Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jeong’s wedding are all Korean superstars. Of course, as the couple are also superstars! Named it Jang Dong Gun-Go So Yeong couple, Yeon Jeong Hoon-Han Ga In couple, Jeong Joon Ho-Lee Ha Jeong couple, Kwon Sang Woo-Son Tae Yeong couple, Song Seung Heon, Kim […]

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Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jeong’s Wedding From the Inside

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jeong finally tied the knot! Their wedding ceremony was held yesterday, August 10 at 6 p.m. at Grand Hyatt Hotel Seoul. Senior actor Shin Yeong Gyun conducted as the official for the wedding, while actor Lee Beo Soo and MC Shin Dong Yeop led the ceremony. There were three […]

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The Blade And The Petal Episode 10 Summary

Shivering with anger as she feels betrayed, Moo Young aims her arrow at Choong, “Did you come all the way here to kill me?” She misses her hit though and Choong save for while, by the time she puts another arrow to shoot him she loses him from her sight. The Geumhwadan now are sure […]

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The Blade And Petal Episode 9 Summary

The king falls to the ground, killed by General Yeon. Choong enters the bloody throne room not long after that, and while the General’s attention is distracted by his son’s attendance then Leader So instructs Shi Woo to get the princess out because it’s for sure the next thing the General’s side wants to do […]


Ji Sung and Lee Bo Yeong Spread Their Marriage Plan for September

After her drama “I Hear Your Voice” ended last night (August 1st), this morning the lovely actress Lee Bo Yeong spreaded the happy news through her fan cafe. She announced that she would to tie the knot with her boy friend, Ji Sung. They will get married on September 27th. Ji Sung also do the […]