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Hyun Bin Stills from “Late Autumn”

When I saw these pictures I felt seeing someone else, not Hyun Bin. He looks calm and mature in “Late Autumn”. Maybe that’s the image he wanted to potray in this movie, quite different from his phenomenally amusing character Kim Joo Won (Secret Garden). I think, with light mustache he looks cool and sexy, obviously […]

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Secret Garden Episode 14 Summary

When I first saw this episode I thought I was dreaming, because this episode was too beautiful to be real. And thanks to the Oska-Seul couple this episode has been so sweet. Our fairy-god-papa a.k.a Oska dida good job. He brought the princess to his prince. Joo Won was very fascinated by Ra Im. He […]

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Secret Garden Episode 13 Summary

I love this episode, the moments when Ra Im started to open up her heart and the moments when Joo Won began to wonder if he could make Ra Im his little mermaid only,because from then on Ra Im meant everything for him. They still look at each other long enough, very romantic, but unfortunately […]

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Secret Garden Episode 12 Summary

So hard being a woman. We’re not stupid, we know nothing last forever in this world, but we’re not crazy enough to start a relationship with an ending-nothing-deal. At least, Kim Joo Won, you should be confident that you can bring your love to the end. Maybe Joo Won desperately to make Ra Im his […]

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Secret Garden Episode 11 Summary

This was episode full of emotion. My emotion went upside-down while watching because the story was getting serious. Joo Won managed to make me crazy, until I wanted to scratched out his face. Actually, I want to hate him, but I can’t. He’s just trying to be him and thinking logically fit reality. This time […]

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Secret Garden Episode 10 Summary

For me, this episode was boring and tiring, because I think the relationship between Ra Im-Joo Won just stucked, felt like returning to the days before they’re soul-exchanged, and also full of denial. Not my favorite episode, but fortunately there is Joo Won-droll-side that made me survive. Anyway, seeing Joo Won wearing purple flower tracksuit […]

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NG Photos from “Secret Garden” Released

On December 24th, the official of “Secret Garden” released photos from the set. These photos captured the moment when they, the actors, make mistakes (NG). After seeing these photos I became more falling in love with this drama. They, who involved were enjoying their work. It can be seen from their bright smiles in these […]

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Secret Garden Episode 9 Summary

I didn’t expect that the wacky-lunatic-soul-excahnged would be so short. It means the soul exchanged was only the dirty way for Ms.Writer to create situation to Joo Won and Ra Im for knowing each other? dunno… Frankly, I’m pretty disappointed with this episode because when they return to normal condition, their relationship also returned to […]

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Secret Garden Episode 8 Summary

Forget about “The Little Mermaid”, just enjoy your life now, if necessary, lets ruin this life, because this is not your life but Kim Joo Won’s life. From kissing lovely cousin until “lovely” signature, Gil Ra Im really know how to destroy Joo Won’s life. Watch out for Hyun Bin’s fan on this episode you’ll […]

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