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Secret Garden Episode 7 Summary

Actually I felt a dilemma with previous episode. I admitted I enjoyed the wacky-lunatic-body-swapped, but frankly I felt a little disappointed because there was something missing from Joo Won. I couldn’t find “Joo Won as Gil Ra Im’s fan”. Other than the kissing scene, I think there was no romantic things happened on previous episode. […]

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Secret Garden Episode 6 Summary

I couldn’t stop laughing watching this episode. Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin really stir crazy. Before starting this summary, to make it easier for all of us, I want to explain the rules. I will call Gil Ra Im in Kim Joo Won’s body as Gil Joo Won and I will still regard her […]

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Secret Garden Episode 5 Summary

Despite the fact that episode 4 was disappointing for me, I continued on watching. The reason is maybe bacause i have fallen in love deeply with this drama. Thankfully this episode is more interesting than before. From now on, I try not to expect too much and just enjoy this drama.  At least this episode […]

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Secret Garden Episode 4 Summary

Sorry I’m soo late. Frankly I don’t like this episode, too much tense in the scenes. After three episodes I laughed a lot, this episode I turned out sad. Unlike in the first and second episode, where Joo Won was a nobody and turned to be Gil Ra Im’s fan in a short time, here […]

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Secret Garden Episode 3 Summary

After saving Ra Im from the ruthless PD and declaring himself as a fan of her, Joo Won treated all the crew their lunch. Ra Im was silent and still on her chair, but Joo Won asked (actually forced) her to accompany him having lunch in the private room just the two of them. “Wooooo…” […]

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“Secret Garden” Soundtrack part 1

Baek Ji Yeong singing “That Woman” (그여자) for the soundtrack of “Secret Garden”, this song is special to love story soundtrack for Kim Joo Won-Gil Ra Im. It’s a beautiful song and very romantic. Seeing this mv makes me falling in love with this couple (Ha Ji Won-Hyun Bin), they look very sweet. MV: [video […]

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“Secret Garden” Episode 2 Gets a Rival

Before I start the writing, firstly I want to say, I feel familiar with this poster, reminds me of “You Are Beautiful” poster. The difference is Hyun Bin took a black umbrella to fly. On the second day, “Secret Garden” rating was decreased. This drama only managed to achieve as high rating as 14.8%. The […]

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Hyun Bin is Really Handsome (I finally admit it)

“My Name is Kim Sam Soon”(2005) is one of my favorite drama, but frankly I didn’t think Hyun Bin was quite handsome for me to admire him. I like his acting and I think physically he is good looking, but I was not his fan. But that’s only until “Secret Garden” began airing (November 13th). […]

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“Secret Garden” Began Airing

On November 13th, the weekend drama “Secret Garden” began airing. Comedy romantic featuring Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, is quite successful in its first episode, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research this drama rating gaining 17.2% (and become a top of the other drama that played at the same hour). Oscar (Yoon Sang Hyun), […]

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