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Love Rain Episode 18 Quick Summary

While Joon got a clue about Yoon Hee’s condition, Hye Jeong finally found out Ha Na’s relationship with Joon. She of course opposed it. She said after what happened with Joon’s father and Ha Na’s mom, she would never let Ha Na and Joon be together. “Never, even until I die!” Joon met Ha Na […]

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Love Rain Episode 6 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 6 started in the natural hot spring. Seo Joon leaned forward and was about to kiss Ha Na…but his assistant suddenly came. Sitting on the back seat in the car, both Ha Na and Seo Joon was awkward. Even though Seo Joon kept telling his talkative  assistant not to speak, he just spoke […]

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Love Rain Episode 4 Quick Summary

Love Rain Episode 4 started with the couple walking down the street that evening. In Ha said, “The truth is…I really miss you.” Yoon Hee said, “me too.” Then they walked holding hand, and kept holding hand until they sat on the bench in front of a building, something like a town hall. In Ha explained […]

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Love Rain Episode 2 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 2 started with the beautiful trio performance of In Ha, Chang Mo and Dong Wook on the stage. They really have the reason why girls are crazy for them: good looking, good playing guitar, and beautiful voices. It’s the campus festival! The 3 guys and the girls were having fun. While Chang […]

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Love Rain Episode 1 Quick Summary

Love Rain finally starts. The premise of this drama is actually a cliche, the sort of “my girl was the girl my best friend likes and I end up being the one who step back and give the way to my friend.” Seo In Ha is a romantic artist, an art student, who believes in […]