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Good Doctor Episode 11 Summary

Good Doctor episode 11 did not have that much tension. But there’re some sweet moments for some doctors. Starting this episode, the pregnant girl collapsed during the argument with her mother in-law.The doctors rushed her back inside and had to get ready for surgery soon. Dr.Choi was approached by Shi On’s mother in the previous […]

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Good Doctor Episode 10 Summary

Good Doctor episode 10 is probably Shi On’s most glorious moment so far in the hospital. It started with the moment during the singer boy’ surgery. Shi On suggested a method during the procedure, so they could save the boy’s voice cord. Dr.Kim took part in the decision making. Yoo Seo executed it well, and […]

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Good Doctor Episode 9 Summary

Good Doctor episode 9 was smooth without much conflict. The singer boy who threatened to jump off the building refused to listen to anyone. But then Shi On stepped forward and asked if he’s not afraid to die. The boy, Gwi Han, said he was not afraid at all. Shi On said the opposite. He […]

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Good Doctor Episode 8 Summary

Good Doctor episode 8 started when it ended. Shi On said that the hospital chief called him telling that he had found out that Shi On didn’t make any mistake. Regarding Eun Ok, Shi On told the argued people that they can ask Eun Ok herself whether she wanted to go home with her aunt or […]

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Good Doctor Episode 7 Summary

The conflict in Good Doctor episode 7 is quite intense.  Struggling to fight the guards, the girl collapsed. The doctors had to perform a surgery immediately. Park Shi On got all the blame. He kept saying that he didn’t left open the door. He had made sure that the door was close properly. But Dr.Kim […]

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Good Doctor Episode 6 Summary

Another case came up in Good Doctor episode 6. There was a little girl who acted like a dog. Shi On tried to use animal communication by crawling on the floor and acted like a dog, too, but his seniors (as ordered by Dr.Kim) managed to catch the girl together. The hospital boards were facing […]

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Good Doctor Episode 5 Summary

In Good Doctor episode 5 we find another down moment of Yoon Seo and Shi On. The surgery failed, the little girl died. Dr.Cha was in shock (actually as well as Shi On) and Dr.Kim kind of understood her situation. but Dr.Kim defended her in front of the frustrated parents and in front of Dr.Go. Shi On […]

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Good Doctor Episode 4 Summary

Good Doctor episode 4 starts in the OR with the surgery that was full of tension. They encountered critical situations several times. Thankfully, every time it occurred, Park Shi On was the one who managed to right-detect the location of the problem. While Yoon Seo tend to argue Shi On every time he suggested something, Dr.Kim […]

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Good Doctor Episode 3 Summary

Episode 3 of Good Doctor began with Dr.Jae Joon bursting into the common room of Kim Do Han’s team. Dr.Jae Joon was very upset and accusing one of Dr.Kim’s residents had touched the matter of his patient. Shi On finally admitted it was him. Shi On approached the parents of the dying baby and told […]

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