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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 12 Quick Summary

Eun Gi was practicing her speech with Ma Ru’s guide through the phone. In her room she had a board of many people’s profiles  to remember.And she left the house together with Ma Ru. And then the scene was back to the time when Eun Gi made a sudden comeback to Taesan Group. Not only […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 11 Quick Summary

Nice Guy Episode 11 started with the scene when Ma Ru was trying to find Eun Gi who was kidnapped by Jae Hee’s brother. Thanks to Lady Secretary who put on a tracking system in Eun Gi mobile, Ma Ru was able to catch them up and stopped Jae Hee’s brother. After fighting Jae Hee’s […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 10 Summary

Ma Ru couldn’t say anything when Eun Gi asked him if they used to love each other. The secretary lady who was panicking looking for Eun Gi here and there finally found her and Ma Ru in front of the wall. Ma ru brought Eun Gi to his house. Eun Gi was so confidence she had been […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 9 Quick Summary

This episode of Nice Guy is sad, very sad. I’m warning you if you haven’t watched. It started with Ma Ru and Eun Gi were sitting on the beach and were having conversation we heard at the end of previous episode. Ma Ru then asked since when Eun Gi knew about him and Jae Hee’s […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 8 Quick Summary

Episode 8 of Nice Guy started with the last scene we saw on the previous episode. Eun Gi was making a confession to Ma Ru under the rain, meanwhile Han Jae Hee who was going to visit Ma Ru could only watch from a distance. Jae Hee just left what she brought for Ma Ru on […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 7 Quick Summary

Ma Ru was calling someone with Jae Gil’s phone. He was asking to meet that person related to Jae Hee. And then we found out that the person behind the coincident discovery of framed-picture was actually Secretary Ahn. It’s his idea to let Eun Gi know about Jae Hee and Ma Ru’s past. When Ma […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 6 Quick Summary

Episode 6 started with the flashback scenes of Ma Ru and Jae Hee. When Ma Ru first treated Jae Hee’s wound, till when they’re in university. The voice over of Ma Ru told how his feelings towards Jae Hee all this time. “…you’re always be my-noona, Jae Hee. whatever happen, I will hold your hand. […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 5 Quick Summary

Ma Ru was driving when he was recalling what Jae Hee had told him after the brunch incident, and also when Secretary Ahn was drinking in the bar where Ma Ru was the bartender. Ma Ru and Secretary Ahn had a very serious conversation about…Ma Ru actually. In short, Secretary Ahn asked him to go away. […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 4 Summary

Seo Eun Gi asked Ma Ru if they could continue on meeting each other.She had many things she’s curious about Ma Ru.  “When will we meet tomorrow? When will you be after you wake up?” asked Ma Ru. Han Jae Hee recalled that conversation she witnessed while she was on treadmill and she almost fell. Eun […]

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