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Our Pretty Man, Jang Geun Seok

Omo! is this Jang Geun Seok? Why does he look prettier day by day? In “Marry Me, Mary!” he plays Kang Moo Gyeol, a character of a cool indie band vocalist. He’s the prettiest male vocalist of an indie band I’ve ever seen. He wears a shocking pink shirt with low neck in these pictures. […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 5 Summary

It’s been a very long and hard week for me, so sorry for being too late for this summary. Living two different lives is very exhausting, and choosing between the two is almost impossible when the options are between love or money. Everybody, i’m not yet talking about Wi Mae Ri. Anyway, even though my […]

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Kiss Me, Mary!

Finally this cutest couple (Mae Ri-Mu Gyeol) kissing! Well..not the kind of french kiss, but just a sweet kiss that very sweet. They’re having a kissing scene on “Marry Me, Mary!” that aired tonight, November 22nd. Although Moo Gyeol (Jang Geun Suk) looks so pretty in this drama, he seemed to have an indeed good […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 4 Summary

Ohooo…that’s definitely my favorite scene of episode 4!  Yeahh…but you gotta wait til the very end. I called it the Mae Ri-Jeong In Episode. The story did develop into a more interesting line, but still Ms. Writer hasn’t really surprised me with any shocking new ideas… So, here we go Mae Ri dragged Moo Gyeol […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 3 Summary

Both Mae Ri and Jeong In finally found out their on-paper spouse. Unsurprisingly, Jeong In took the situation very calmly as if there’s nothing ever happened before. Jeong In put Mae Ri for a help in his office, being a sort of his personal secretary but without any real job. Mae Ri found out that […]

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Today Soundtrack: OST Mary Me, Mary!

KARA Seung Yeon – You’re My Superstar LYRIC: You’re my Super Star 나만의 멋진 Honey honey honey (honey honey) 언제 어디서나 날 지켜준 My Genie genie genie You’re my Shining Star 내 마음속을 환히 비춰줄 단 한 사람 세상에서 유일한 그대는 나만의 Super Star (예이예이 예에 You’re my Super Star) (예이예이 예에) 보고 싶고 가슴은 […]

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“Marry Me, Mary!”: My Father or My Husband?

In one “Marry Me, Mary!” scene, there is a scene where Moon Geun Yeong fell drunk and unconscious, Jang Geun Suk was forced to carry her (piggy back). The father (played by Park Sang Myeon) who saw it felt objected seeing her daughter, Mae Ri, being carried by Mu Gyeol and immediately takes over her […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 2 Summary

You really can’t be not falling in love with this drama. With all its cuteness : the casts, the story line, the scenes, even the soundtracks…this drama is just so entertaining. And I love Kim Jae Wook here as much as I love Moon Geun Yeong and Jang Geun Seok. They all have unique characters […]

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The Cutest Couple On “Marry Me, Mary!”

“Marry Me, Mary” has started airing since a few days ago, but there was still much that can be discussed from this most anticipated drama. When two adorable persons become one, what will happen? For Moon Geun Yeong: after seeing her acting in dramas or movies I really agree with Rizz on Moon Geun Yeong […]

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