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Kim Jae Wook Getting Ready For Military Service

As we already know that Kim Jae Wook soon will be enlisted on military service. Kim Jae Wook appeared with his new hair cut while enjoying his civil time before he joined the army on July 5th, the military hair cut, short and neat (I think the left picture made him a bit looked like […]

Kim Jae Wook Will Join The Military Soon

Kim Jae Wook will join military service in the next five days. He had wrapped up his musical show on June 19th. And it made “Marry Me, Mary!” become his last drama for the next two years. He drew people’s attention through 2007 drama “Coffee Prince” where he was a cool Japanese man and a […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 16 (Final)

Here we are at last, at the final episode. Moo Gyeol just left Mae Ri in the hospital, taking her silence as her answer. Not long after Moo Gyeol  left, Mae Ri got a phone call from Jeong In’s dad. His son finally woke up. Jeong In asked for a private time with Mae Ri, […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 15 Summary

I can say that episode 15 is about Moo Gyeol being childish. He didn’t want to listen to explanation, yet didn’t want to seek for the truth, abandon his professional work just because a personal issue, and lack of consideration. He’s definitely selfishly childish. Let me show you what I mean.. Moo Gyeol refused to […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 14 Summary

Even though I was so reluctant to watch or write about the last three episodes of “Marry Me, Mary!” I don’t think it’s fair if I have to worsen everything with my lame writing. That’s why I try my best in the remaining episode of my most disappointing drama of 2010. So sorry for being […]

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Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won: The Best Chadonam and Ttadonyeo

Still from a movie site, held a poll on December 27th-30th about chadonam (cool-stuffy-urban guy), chadonyeo (cool-stuffy-urban girl), ttadonam (warm-friendly-urban guy), and ttadonyeo (warm-friendly- urban girl). And the results, for chadonam with 2602 respondents, first ranked was our kkadonam on Secret Garden, Hyun Bin, who are elected by 49,% votes (1287 respondents). In second place […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 13 Summary

Wi Dae Han found out that his daughter really did move in to Moo Gyeol’s place, but the couple managed to flee. Mae Ri got into her suitcase and Moo Gyeol carried her out. They finally got away. I thought they’re going somewhere else, but Wi Dae Han found Mae Ri looking a bit unwell […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 12 Summary

Why do i feel disappointed with this drama over again? I found no surprising progress. I think i have enough with it,but i just can’t let it go. We’re already in a half way.Please dear writer, you gotta do something soon… Seo Jun refused to sing the “Hello Hello” song and just left. That’s how […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 11 Summary

I go against Moo Gyeol’s idea! What the heck he’s talking about? The idea of having Wi Mae Ri living with both of them in turn sounded disrespecting her. Why Mae Ri agreed to do this idea was another big question in my head. However, I found some improvements in this episode and I hope […]

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