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Sorry for Cutie Moo Gyeol

Cutie-sweety-girly-vocalist?Ough..whatever!  I don’t know what to say anymore after seeing these pictures. Actually I’ve been on over-the-edge to watch “Marry Me, Mary! “. The story is too cliché, for me, so I just gave up. I feel sorry for Moon Geun Yeong, I think she’s wasting her time in this drama. [images sources]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 10 summary

Ouggh, couldn’t this drama be any boring? Actually i could summarize this 70 minutes something of drama into only three to five sentences. But I knew I couldn’t do that. So here we are.. Mae Ri was a bit shock with the scene, yet she did nothing but pretended there’s nothing happened. She picked up […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 9 Summary

As much as my reluctance of watching episode 9, I lost my eagerness to write its summary. Everything I saw in this episode was what I called as the typical of 20th century drama…surprisingly very old fashioned. Most of us might have guessed that Jeong In’s reaction would be quite plain. He’s cold as usual, […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 8 Summary

I hate to say it,but unfortunately this episode is just too disappointing. Not only for the unimprove story line that getting me nutz,but also for the mediocre lines. I’m afraid this drama will be as tiring as Moon Geun Yeong’s previous KBS drama ‘Cinderella Step Sister’. But maybe it’s too early for my quick judgement […]


Writer Replacement in “Marry Me, Mary!”

It seemed that i wasn’t the only one who felt discontent of “Marry Me, Mary!” plot. Just yesterday afternoon, December 10th, they officially announced Lee Eun Ah writer resignation from the drama production. Well, I have to give her a credit for that decision. I guess there’ve been many viewers screaming for more surprises in […]

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Hyun Bin vs Jang Geun Seok?

Two most popular dramas of the month, “Secret Garden” (SBS) and “Marry Me, Mary” (KBS2TV), have each leading man character with unique taste in fashion. In “Secret Garden”, Hyun Bin as the eccentric, elegant, arrogant, and wealthy Kim Joo Won. In “Marry Me, Mary”, Jang Geun Suk as the free sprit and I-don’t-gave-a-damn person Kang […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 7 Summary

Jeong In didn’t stay cool this time after Moo Gyeol making such a scheme. He took Mae Ri leaving the party, but Jeong In ran after them. He gave him a hard punch. Yeah, that’s what Jeong Seok’s son should do! fight fight fight. The shocking Mae Ri tried to separate the men, but she […]

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Marry Me, Mary! Episode 6 Summary

As I had guessed, Jeong In responded to the scene just coldly. He just left with a slight of smirk on his face. Moo Gyeol really had no idea what he had done. It’s Mae Ri’s first kiss! It’s probably not a big deal for Moo Gyeol, but it was supposed to be very special […]

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Jeong In-Mae Ri’s Sweet Dating

The “married” couple, Jeong In and Mae Ri getting a date. So far Jeong In is my favorite character in this drama, actually Kim Jae Wook who is always my favorite. Jeong In-Mae Ri eventually dating in episode 7. Although their status as official “husband-wife” is likely to be failed to be publicly announced, thanks […]

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