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City Hunter Episode 6 Summary

To make Na Na not feel miserable and poor anymore,  Yoon Seong explained to Na Na that he bought the building not because of pity for her, but he just want to stay there, since the location close to the Blue House. He even asked Na Na to get out immediatelly from apartment. Yeong Joo […]

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Lee Min Ho Is Very Busy Promoting His Dramas in Japan

Even there’s no drama project in the close time for him, Lee Min Ho still has tight schedule. He has a bunch of photoshoot for ads and promoting his dramas. Due to his two latest dramas “City Hunter” and “Personal Taste” broadcasting in Japan these days, Lee Min Ho  flew to Japan on February 13th. […]

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City Hunter Episode 5 Summary

He was Yoon Seong who pushed Na Na to the floor, but still in the darkness he left. He ran  to Jin Pyo’s position at the across building. Immediately Polices surrounded Jin Pyo. He still with his cold expession, but I know Jin Pyo was panic, he was trapped in the elevator and couldn’t escape, fortunately Yoon Seong came […]

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City Hunter Episode 4 Summary

President Choi asked Kyeong Hee about Lee Jin Pyo. Kyeong Hee didn’t know where he was then. He took her son  and dissapeared 28 years ago. President was surprised. It seemed that President Choi didn’t know that Kyeong Hee had a son, and that son was taken by Jin Pyo, and actually it make him […]

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City Hunter Episode 3 Summary

Yoon Seong made the fire alarm ringing, when the people panic he managed to reach Shin Ji Dong’s desk. He took pictures of those papers and also grabbed the wrecked papers in garbage bin. In his apartment Yoon Seong fixed up those papers. It’s the list of Sunshine Foundation’s beneficiaries. Apparently there are two different […]

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City Hunter Episode 2 Summary

Seven years after knowing the story about his biological father, recieving semi-military training and with new-fake-identity as the 28 years old genius Phd graduated from MIT, Yoon Seong was back to Korea for revenge. But as Jin Pyo said during his mission he must remember three points: first, he must forget his old identity, second […]


Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yeong Ended Their Love Relationship

The City Hunter couple, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yeong who started dating after wrapping up their drama mid last year, has been rumored for a split. But I think the rumor is true. Even though there’s no any confirmation from either Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yeong, each of their agency had […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 24 Summary Final

Glory Jane episode 24 is actually just a finishing touch of the whole story. Jae In resigned from Heo Yeong Do’s team to continue pursuing her dream as a nurse. Seo In Woo still hadn’t decided what he really wanted to do, but he’s going to stay in the company for awhile. This condition made […]

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Fashion Report From Red Carpet Ceremony on 2011 KBS Drama Awards

Okay, i’ll try to finish my homeworks, and actually i have promised Rizz to make this article.  and frankly i really enjoy reviewing this red carpet. i love almost the gowns showed in this event, more pretty legs, more shopisticated design. and more gorgeous gowns. On December 31th, the KBS’s actors and actress being together […]