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Dream High 2 Episode 3 Summary

Dream High 2 episode 3 started with Yoo Jin’s personal issue with JB on the dancing class. Yoo Jin said that just because they’re idols, they couldn’t just push away other students who had already been there before them. He’s referring to dorm’s new arrangement. And JB defended himself by saying that it’s not their […]

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Dream High 2 Episode 2 Summary

Dream High 2 episode 2 started with all JB’s fans in Kirin gathered in front of the broadcasting room because they heard JB and Yoo Jin’s fight. Yoo Jin couldn’t get himself out of the crowd, but JB was finally got help from President Lee. After the broadcasting room incident, Hae Seong found herself publicly […]

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Dream High 2 Episode 1 Summary

The first 15 minutes of Dreamhigh 2 wasn’t that alluring, but as I continued on watching the show, it’s quite interesting. The drama started with Sam Dong-Hye Mi’s last kiss scene. Surprisingly the girl wasn’t Suzy, but T-Ara’s Ji Yeon. I was about to say “It can’t be!!!” but there’s a sound of “CUT! NG..” […]

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More Posters and Teasers From Dream High 2

Sorry for the delayed, due to the maintenance problem. But everything already okay (for a while) then here we are. I know this is too late, but better than never, right? KBS’s most anticipated drama, “Dream High 2” revealed the posters and video teasers. After revealing the six main characters on previous poster, then this […]

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Dream High 2 Unveiled the Official Poster

After releasing the idol band poster and teaser photo, then finally released the faces of the whole main characters from Dream High 2. On January 13th, the official poster released. Above there’re Hyorin, JB, Park Seo Jun, and Ji Yeon, below, there’s Jung Jin Woon and Kang So Ra. Dream High will be airing on KBS […]

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“Dream High 2” Unveiled the Teaser Poster

Oh this teaser poster is really teasing me, making me curious. From these six people who only showing their backs, just Kang So Ra and Jinwon (2AM) who reveal their faces. Can you guess who are the rest? At least Ji Yeon and Hyorin, right? The Kirin School accepted the new students, and these six […]

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HershE, Girl Band from “Dream High 2” Unveiled Poster

Since “Dream High 2” is planned to be airing the first episode on January 30, then for anticipating, the poster of girl band from that drama, “HershE” is published. The poster featuring Sistar’s Hyorin, T-ara’s Jiyeon, and the rookie singer, Ailee.It’s a very convincing poster that at first I thought this poster was a real […]

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Dream High 2 Reading Session Has Begin

On December 21st, the official has published the photos from script reading session of “Dream High 2”. The actors came together on December 17th at restaurant in Gangnam, they are, Kang So Ra, Jeong Jin Woon (2AM), Ji Yeon (T-Ara), Hyorin (Sistar), Kim Jeong Tae, Kwon Hae Hyo, Park Jin Yeong, Choi Yeo Jin, and […]

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Ji Yeon For “Dream High 2” Cast

Soon, Ji Yeon will come back on acting. Her name has been confirmed on the cast list for the most anticipated sequel drama “Dream High 2”.  Actually, she’s following Eun Jung’s step, her band mate, Eun Jung played on Dream High. She knows she’s busy promoting T-ara’s new album in Korea and also overseas, but […]