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The Proposal and The Passionate Kisses in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 56

As we all expected, Tae Hee and Ja Eun’s relationship is blooming again. Tae Hee brought Ja Eun back to the farm and they had their private time in their favorite meeting place: the warehouse. They absolutely missed each other and Tae Hee couldn’t even hold his intention to kiss his girl passionately. (Aaawwww, Hwang […]

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The Emotional Reunion of Ja Eun and Tae Hee in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 55

Ojakgyo Brothers episode 55 is the return of the happy days again. Mrs. Hwang came to the orphanage to visit Ja Eun and deliver the good news: Grandmother had given Ja Eun and Tae Hee her permission. Ja Eun was so touched and very thankful, but I think the guilty feelings on behalf of her […]

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City Hunter Episode 4 Summary

President Choi asked Kyeong Hee about Lee Jin Pyo. Kyeong Hee didn’t know where he was then. He took her son  and dissapeared 28 years ago. President was surprised. It seemed that President Choi didn’t know that Kyeong Hee had a son, and that son was taken by Jin Pyo, and actually it make him […]

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City Hunter Episode 3 Summary

Yoon Seong made the fire alarm ringing, when the people panic he managed to reach Shin Ji Dong’s desk. He took pictures of those papers and also grabbed the wrecked papers in garbage bin. In his apartment Yoon Seong fixed up those papers. It’s the list of Sunshine Foundation’s beneficiaries. Apparently there are two different […]

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City Hunter Episode 2 Summary

Seven years after knowing the story about his biological father, recieving semi-military training and with new-fake-identity as the 28 years old genius Phd graduated from MIT, Yoon Seong was back to Korea for revenge. But as Jin Pyo said during his mission he must remember three points: first, he must forget his old identity, second […]

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The Saddest Goodbye in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 51

Tae Hee and Ja Eun clearly knew that it was gonna be their last date, their farewell date. When they finally met, they tried to make themselves ready. Ja Eun dressed very pretty and Tae Hee wore suit very nicely too. Tae Hee said Ja Eun looked pretty. “You too,” said Ja Eun. “And that’s […]

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The Sad Truth in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 50

With Ja Eun’s father miraculously came back safe and sound, the sad truth finally revealed to the whole family. Tae Hee and Ja Eun had to deal with the reality that they’re linked into each other with a tragic fate. When Ja Eun introduced Tae Hee and her father, Tae Hee tried to hold his […]

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A Happy Ending, Brain Episode 20 (Final)

After all of the hard times he had, Lee Kang Hoon deserves a happy ending, both in his career and love life. I like the way this drama presents a mature and un-cheesy story telling, but still put a little touch of drama typical endings for each main characters. If you hope to see the […]

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OST Brain Part 4 & 5

To complete our collection of one of our favorite dramas, “Brain,” here’re the rest of the drama’s OST. The favourite one between the two was of course Kim Yeon Woo’s “Closer to”. Just enjoy the songs Thanks for those who uploaded the songs on Youtube  Kim Do Hyeon – Gotta Get Up   Kim Yeon […]