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“Me Too, Flower” is Ready For Airing

As scheduled that “Me Too, Flower” will start airing on MBC on November 9th. The writer, Kim Do Woo, promised that this drama will become more-than-interesting drama, because it’s not too different with “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.” This drama also has unique, strong  and quirky lead female characters. Lee Ji Ah will appear […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 3 Summary

In the previous episode, at the ending, Young Kwang was looking for Jae In while she was meeting the nun who gave her a box of letters from her father. However, this episode started with Chairman Seo visiting his hospitalized son. He came in anger and disappointment. Chairman Seo was super scary that it even […]

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Kim Bum Supports Jung Il Woo on Filming Location

Morning on November 3rd, through his m2day account, Jung Il Woo shows his friendship with Kim Bum. oh yeah as we know that they are bestfriends since a long time ago. Kim Bum came to Flower Boy Ramyun Shop location to give some support for his best buddy. Jung Il Woo realized that his buddy […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 2 Summary

Man of Honor episode 2 started with a little flash back to that unfortunate night when Jae In lost his father, her mother went coma and her memory was gone. Injured Jae In was still stuck in the flipped car. She was crying for her mom when she saw a light. And there was also […]

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“Me Too, Flower” for Lee Ji Ah-Yoon Si Yoon’s Comeback Project

When “Me Too, Flower” (나도, 꽃) begin the production, they had difficult time until this drama has to be postponed since the main actor, Kim Jae Won, got an injury while filming this drama. It forced him to resign from this project , but eventually after being replaced by Yoon Si Yoon, it seemed that […]

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The Funny Posters from “Me Too, Flower”

MBC new drama “Me Too, Flower” released posters on October 28th. This romantic comedy drama played by Lee Ji Ah, Han Go Eun, Seo Hyo Rim, Lee Ki Kwang, Jo Min Ki and finally the leading man Yoon Si Yoon who’s replacing Kim Jae Won, since Kim Jae Won has to be discharged from this […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 1 Summary

Just like “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”, “Man of Honor” also started with childhood conflict. But thankfully only 2/3 of the first episode. It started with conflict between two baseball players: Kim Young Kwang and Seo In Woo. They are a competition to the other, but In Woo was the star while Young Kwang almost […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 18 Summary (Final)

What Ji Heon just did was causing another chaotic situation in the company. But he took Eun Seol for an escape. He tried to fix his relationship with her. Eun Seol said he should say it all wasn’t true about her as the informant and now still dating him. “I WAS dating you. It should […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 17 Summary

After hearing the horn Ji Heon ran back to Eun Seol. “You’re not okay, aren’t you?” asked Ji Heon opening the door. She’s trying to flee, but Ji Heon managed to persuade her to got off the truck to argue. Ji Heon said that he regretted it all, about their break up, that he couldn’t […]