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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 16 Summary

Glory Jane epidode 16, here we are. I’m sure many people just couldn’t wait to find out about the “what’s next” after the kiss between Young Kwang and Jae In. But for me, personally, the most interesting character’s progress in this episode is Seo In Woo’s. But we’ll get there later. There was actually an […]

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Kim Bum Lost 22 Pounds for “Padam Padam”

Kim Bum attended the press conference event for his new drama “Padam Padam” or the longer title “Padam Padam…The Sounds of His and Her Heartbeat” at Seoul Palace Hotel on November 30. He plays on this romantic drama alongside seonbae-deul, Jung Woo Seong (Athena) and Han Ji Min (“Cain and Abel”, “Capital Scandal”). On  that […]

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Park Shin Hye Was Wearing Hanbok in Taiwan

Park Shin Hye becomes a  “princess” for her new drama, but this is not Korean drama. Since she’s already become a hallyu star due to her role in “You Are Beautiful”, Park Shin Hye is trusted to play on a Taiwan drama, titled “Oh My Princess”. As well as in Taiwan, this drama will also […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 14 Summary

Finding the truth for Young Kwang was supposed to be relieving (because he and Jae In weren’t siblings), but the fact was he felt heart broken, upset, but mostly confused. He was already fired by Heo Yeong Do if Jae In didn’t try to negotiate with Heo Yeong Do that Young Kwang must have had […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) OST

Man of Honor or also known as Glory Jane is a drama that is written to touch viewers heart with its conflict about family, true love and devilish ambition. As the drama has been mellow since the very beginning, you know the pouring tears of Jae In and everyone who cared for her, the soundtracks […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 12 Summary

In the last scene of episode 11, Young Kwang was badly drunk and carried home by Seo In Woo. Jae In took care of him and then he finally sobered up. He was disappointed of himself and felt ashamed. But what made him sad the most was the “fact” that Yoon Jae In was his […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 13 Summary

Kim Young Kwang finally found the box that kept by Heo Yeong Do, which held his late father’s old broken watch and a miysterious note. Young Kwang asked Heo Yeong Do how he could posess those items. Heo Yeong Do finally told him about the night Kim In Bae died. He was there and witnessed everything, […]

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“Brain” After “Poseidon” on KBS Monday-Tuesday Drama

New KBS medical-theme drama will start airing on November 14, which is tomorrow night. Poseidon wrapped up last week with of course a happy ending for everyone. This drama tells about the story of neurologists in the hospital and also their conflicts. The main rivalry will be between the famous neurologist, Kim Sang Chul (played […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 4 Summary

Mr. Kim’s life was in a great danger. The angry Chairman Seo order In Chul to get rid of him and find the girl. Mr. Kim tried to call Prosecutor Oh several time but she didn’t hear the phone call. Meanwhile, Young Kwang didn’t really take Jae In anywhere far from his house. He brought […]