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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 21 Summary

Glory Jane episode 21, the real war between Yoon Jae In and Chairman Seo Jae Myeong starts now. Young Kwang couldn’t stop Jae In from announcing her plan of distributing her 50% company’s shares to all GeoDae’s employees. He just waited outside to give himself a space to breathe and think about everything. Meanwhile, the […]

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Heart Pounding Moments in “Brain” Episode 11-12

KBS drama’s “Brain” might not starred with any youth idol, but this drama is absolutely recommended. Very good one. And I can say that if many people had thought that Park Si Hoo, through his brilliant acting in “Princess’ Man”, deserves this year’s KBS’s Best Leading Actor Award, I think he has a very tough […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 20 Summary

The best thing I like from Glory Jane Episode 20 is the solid cool team of Heo Yeong Do. I like the way the mysterious Cha Hong Joo and the weird Joo Dae Seong can turn out to be so cool. The old man decided to accept Young Kwang’s proposal to give his life as […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 19 Summary

It’s officially an open war between Jae In and Chairman Seo. The later was so upset for having the young girl slapped his face. He challenged Jae In to show him what kind of revenge she’s talking about. He reminded her that she’s alone. Chairman Seo lost his control and almost suffocate Jae In to […]

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“Brain” Casts Hidden Smiles

I’ve been actually following drama “Brain” since it was first aired and Shin Ha Kyun’s character, Lee Kang Hoon, took my attention right away. As I often say that I love stories with antagonist as the leading character, and this drama is certainly one of them. It’s also one of the rare dramas that do […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 18 Summary

It took 16 episodes for Jae In to reunite with her mother again. And the man she should be “thankful” to was none other than Seo In Cheol. That man refused to let Jae In meet her mom at first. He even stood still when Jae In bit his hand and made Jae In gave […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 17 Summary

If Glory Jane episode 16 was the turning point of Seo In Woo, this episode is Jae In’s. This whole time we just think that Jae In is just a naive girl who hasn’t seen the reality of life, in this episode, I think our heroine had eventually just enough of it. In Woo’s bravery […]

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Passionate Kiss of Joo Won in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 36

Episode 36 of Ojakgyo Brothers was such a turning point for Detective Hwang Tae Hee’s life (played by Joo Won). He confessed his love AGAIN to Baek Ja Eun (Uee) in the end of episode 34, but in the opening of episode 35, Jae Eun just gave a blur answer of “Yes…(let’s) go.” [“Ye…Kayo”] and […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 15 Summary

Glory Jane this week was getting dynamic in the story. I really want to throw a pair of high heels into Seo Jae Myeong’s face! That man is a real devil… With Chairman Seo’s side of story, Kim In Bae became the bad guy. He told Jae In about who she really was and who […]