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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 2 Summary

Man of Honor episode 2 started with a little flash back to that unfortunate night when Jae In lost his father, her mother went coma and her memory was gone. Injured Jae In was still stuck in the flipped car. She was crying for her mom when she saw a light. And there was also […]

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Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 1 Summary

Just like “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”, “Man of Honor” also started with childhood conflict. But thankfully only 2/3 of the first episode. It started with conflict between two baseball players: Kim Young Kwang and Seo In Woo. They are a competition to the other, but In Woo was the star while Young Kwang almost […]

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“Man of Honor” Press Conference

Apparently KBS’s most anticipated drama “Man of Honor” is  ready for first broadcast on October 12 because on October 5th they held a press conference for this romantic drama. This drama is from the “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” director and writer. All of the casts came on that event, they are on spotlight, especially […]

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Park Min Yeong Transforms as a Nurse for “Man of Honor”

Undeniable thing is that Park Ming Yeong is more adorable with her new hairstyle. This is the first appearance of her as Yoon Jae In on “Man of Honor” or “Yeong Kwang’s Jae In” (영광의 재인). In that romantic drama she act as a cheerful nurse. With her bright spirit, Jae In will make Yeong […]

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Pray Together for “Man of Honor”

Because of the schedule that the drama has to start running on October 12, On September 28th before they started the filming, KBS’s new drama “Man of Honor” or “Yeong Kwang’s Jae In” (영광의 재인) held a praying ceremony. All the leading roles  and crew appeared on that event, they are Cheon Jeong Myeong, Park […]

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Park Min Yeong’s New Hair Cut for “Man of Honor”

Since her debut, Park Min Yeong always appears with long hair, but now for her new drama “Man of Honor” she had her lovely hair cut. However actually with the new hair cut she looks prettier and more fresh. Her character, Yoon Jae In, is a cheerful girl who works as a nurse. Therefore to […]

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Cheon Jeong Myeong-Park Min Yeong-Lee Jang Wook on KBS’s New Drama

Apparently no need time to take some rest for Park Min Yeong, after finishing “City Hunter”, she straight to new drama, title “Man of Honor” (영광의 재인) or as literally means “Yeong Kwang’s Jae In”. But it’s okay, i love her more because of her acting on “City Hunter”. She so adorable on that action […]


Cheon Jeong Myeong Got an Injury

It’s a bad news from “The Duo” filming set. Cheon Jeong Myeong’s agency announced on May 17th  that the actor  got a very serious spine injury . He fell from the horse and got himself injured on the neck and the spine. For this reason, he is suppose to get some rest and not to […]

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Which Drama to Follow?

With “Dream High”  wrapped up the airing, I get unsure which drama to follow. The already airing KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama that’s taking “The President” slot, “The Thorn Birds” (가시나무새) doesn’t seem very attractive to me. The plot line is so drama cliche and complicatedly unrealistic. It also received quite negative critics on its first airing. […]

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