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Hyun Bin, The Dashing Private’s Latest Appearance

Omo!!! actually i’ve been sinking on my works for these days, but suddenly i was distracted when seeing  these pictures of Hyun Bin! I can’t take off my eyes of this dashing private, and i can’t get back concentrate on my works until i post and share this just because i miss him… This morning […]

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Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee as The Most Wanted Stars on Summer

Based on the result of survey that  released today (August 6th), a former-couple (on movie The Millionaire’s First Love) Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee are chosen as the most wanted actor and actress to go to summer vacation with. The survey that held by SK Marketing and Company, asked the consumers about who is […]

Hyun Bin Chose the Gift For The Parents Days

I swear i am not stalker!!! but, once again this is Hyun Bin. His pictures surfaced on internet. Yeah still on his holiday times, on May 7th he was spotted on Apgujeong, was seen chosing a couple of woman bags on Linoui boutique. Wait a minute, those bags are not for him but for his […]

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Hyun Bin Enjoying His 10 Days 9 Nights Holidays

Frankly i didn’t like myself when i posted this article, seriously..i felt like a stalker, peeking others’s personal life. Actually i just want to share this information, Hyun Bin (Private Kim Tae Pyung) recieved 10 days and 9 nights vacation due to his corporal promotion on Marine Corps. His holiday started on May 5th, yeah…our […]

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The King 2 Hearts: When Ha Ji Won Was Recalling Hyun Bin

I already watched the first episode of “The King 2Hearts” on March 21st, like Rizz said that this drama brings heavy issues but the writers and director wrapped those issues on a bleak comedy. So far I love the whole aspect of this drama, the story, the actors, and of course Ha Ji Won’s acting. […]

Hyun Bin’s Childhood Photos

An online community has been talking about Hyun Bin’s childhood photos today, February 10. I was surprised myself seeing these pictures of a handsome kid. So this guy turns out to have been so cool and handsome ever since he was so young. Just look at the teenage Hyun Bin, wasn’t he handsome and cool […]

Hyun Bin’s ID Photo Unvealed!

I know this is not too important but i still want to post this photo, because this is Hyun Bin, guys!!! Oh maybe just because i already miss him. Hyun Bin still on military camp until December but on February 8th there’s a good-hearted  person who posted his ID photo on online community broad. This […]

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Alongside Kang Dong Won for Doomsday

Hai guys, welcome to our new house, fuuuh…actually the moving things was so exhausted, thanks Rizz for your hard work! And i hope  you all like our new house’s apparance, little bit serious indeed with that color, it’s maybe because we are getting old? Absolutely not! as i always said to Rizz, “We are always-twenty […]

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Hyun Bin’s First Overseas Duty as a Soldier: Indonesia

Hyun Bin or Kim Tae Pyung, our celebrity soldier (oops..sorry if i’m too frank, because i think marines corps has been too much exploiting his popularity, can’t they let him as ordinary soldier???) has new duty as Korean defense ambassador.  For his first task he is scheduled to visit Indonesia. He will be in Indonesia […]