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Hyun Bin’s Photos Update, D-20 before Military Discharge

The time is ticking faster and i bet Hyun Bin and his fans counting the days so excitedly. Finally just 20 days left before the private Kim Tae Pyung (Hyun Bin’s real name) discharged from military duty on December 6. And with pleasure i just want to share this pleasure, Hyun Bin’s latest photos. These […]

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Hyun Bin, The Dashing Private’s Latest Appearance

Omo!!! actually i’ve been sinking on my works for these days, but suddenly i was distracted when seeing  these pictures of Hyun Bin! I can’t take off my eyes of this dashing private, and i can’t get back concentrate on my works until i post and share this just because i miss him… This morning […]

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Hyun Bin Enjoying His 10 Days 9 Nights Holidays

Frankly i didn’t like myself when i posted this article, seriously..i felt like a stalker, peeking others’s personal life. Actually i just want to share this information, Hyun Bin (Private Kim Tae Pyung) recieved 10 days and 9 nights vacation due to his corporal promotion on Marine Corps. His holiday started on May 5th, yeah…our […]

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Hyun Bin’s First Overseas Duty as a Soldier: Indonesia

Hyun Bin or Kim Tae Pyung, our celebrity soldier (oops..sorry if i’m too frank, because i think marines corps has been too much exploiting his popularity, can’t they let him as ordinary soldier???) has new duty as Korean defense ambassador.  For his first task he is scheduled to visit Indonesia. He will be in Indonesia […]

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Hyun Bin is Off to Baengnyeong

After having 5 days and 4 nights holiday, Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyung) has to be back to his duties in marine corp. on April 29th, he and a bunch of his mates left for Baengnyeong Island with military ships. He looks thinner and tanned. Good bye, good luck, and be safe Hyun Bin-ssi! see […]

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Hyun Bin is Placed at the Frontline: Confirmed

Finally, on April 18th South Korean Marine Corps official decided that Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyung) who serves as a combat soldier will be placed in the country border area. Hyun Bin will end his basic training on April 22nd, then he would be given 5 days off . After the 5 days rest he […]

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Hyun Bin Not Only as Public Relation Officer

After four weeks doing basic training, finally Hyun Bin officially takes the duty. He was chosen as a public relations officer on Marine corps until December 6th, 2012. He’s already on his post since April 8. Even he is a public figure and gets a perfect score on the shooting test. There is no special […]

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Hyun Bin The Best Shooter

He entered to Marine corps with amazing result test, get 29 points out of 30. And now on marine corps, on gunnery training and test he managed shot 19 targets out of 20, and 10 targets out of 10 at night. He got achievement as “First-Class Marksman” because his record over 90% point in the […]

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Hyun Bin’s Official Appearance on Military

You know Kim Tae Pyung? Oh yeah of course you know him, Its Hyun Bin’s real name. On March 25th, Marine corps through the official website released video containing Platoon 1137 members. Hyun Bin seemed to be there, he looked very serious. He’s Kim Tae Pyung (that printed on his uniform). He’s no longer a […]