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Hyun Bin Chosen as MC for Marine Corps Marching Band Concert

If you are looking for fellow soldier like Hyun Bin, you will anticipate him to appear in public as MC On September 30. Via phone, the official of marine corps told that on September 30, Hyun Bin will be on duty as MC for 22nd Marine Corps Marching Band Annual Concert. But too bad, for […]

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Hyun Bin as Soldier on Marine Pictorial Book

Actually it’s a boon for marine corps when Hyun Bin decided to entered marine corps for his duties on March. Same with commercial products, the military units also need some promotions. The privilege for marine corps they have Hyun Bin, the most eligible ambassador for promoting their unit. And actually soon Hyun Bin will publish […]

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Won Bin Replacing Hyun Bin for K2

Since Hyun Bin “disappear” for a while from Korean entertainment industry for doing his duties as a good citizen on military, frankly i feel a bit slack here, less of amusement. I think the most influential for his absence is some products are used to using him as their model, they lose a weapon to […]

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Hyun Bin Won Daesang Award on 47st Baeksang Arts Awards

At May 26th was held 47st Baeksang Arts Awards on Kyung Hee University. Obviously there’s a lot of news from that event, but I put my attention mostly on the winner for the Daesang Award TV category: Hyun Bin, for his role in “Secret Garden”. This drama also won the Best drama category and the […]

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Hyun Bin is Off to Baengnyeong

After having 5 days and 4 nights holiday, Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyung) has to be back to his duties in marine corp. on April 29th, he and a bunch of his mates left for Baengnyeong Island with military ships. He looks thinner and tanned. Good bye, good luck, and be safe Hyun Bin-ssi! see […]

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Kang Ji Hwan: Our New CEO on May 2011

After CEO Kim Joo Won in “Secret Garden”, it looks like on May we will be entertained by another handsome CEO, Hyun Ki Joon in “Lie To Me”. Kang Ji Hwan will act as a chaebol in the most anticipated drama “Lie To Me” on SBS. Hyun Ki Joon has served as CEO of one […]

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Hyun Bin is Placed at the Frontline: Confirmed

Finally, on April 18th South Korean Marine Corps official decided that Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyung) who serves as a combat soldier will be placed in the country border area. Hyun Bin will end his basic training on April 22nd, then he would be given 5 days off . After the 5 days rest he […]

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Hyun Bin Not Only as Public Relation Officer

After four weeks doing basic training, finally Hyun Bin officially takes the duty. He was chosen as a public relations officer on Marine corps until December 6th, 2012. He’s already on his post since April 8. Even he is a public figure and gets a perfect score on the shooting test. There is no special […]

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Hyun Bin’s Sit-Up Scene Parody

Have you already watch these hilarious and dashing CFs??? This is another version for Samsung 3D Smart TV, and I think this is the hottest version. After Won Bin, Kim Kap Soo, Psy, and others doing the parody, this time the owner does that. Yups..on this CF, Hyun Bin was doing hot-sit up-scene (of course […]